Goodbye Dubai?

One guy’s thoughts on why he may quit the sandlands:

“Although i was initially really interested in staying here and continuing my career, i’ve gradually come to a ‘don’t care’ philosophy. I personally think dubai hit its peak a few years ago, and life here just isn’t that great anymore, expensive, terrible traffic, plus, not working here makes you realize that there really isn’t that much to do here on a daily basis unless you are some wank that likes getting on the piss every night and sleep all day, which i am not. If something in the employment arena that is really worthwhile for me at this point comes along, i’ll stick around, otherwise i’ll blow out of here in a couple of months and really won’t care, i’ve had a good time here, but it is nowhere that i would spend more than 1 possible 2 more years in.”, The World's Blog Aggregator

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