‘Tis The Winter Of My Content

Well, it is finally here. With the advent of the new year, we are finally experiencing some cold weather here in Dubai (at least in the evenings). So it is time to bring out your wind cheaters, breeze breakers, and chill stoppers. What the heck am I on about? I am talking about winter clothes that you have stuffed in your closets that you happen to purchase from your favourite designer outlets during last year’s end of season sale.

Of course, for some expatriates here in Dubai, it is never cold enough to consider wearing a jacket or a sweater. They continue to wear their summer attire even though we can all hear their teeth chattering and see their knees knocking from the cold. And then there are those who pull out all stops and bring out their fur coats, wooly hats and mufflers as if they were enjoying a winter in Siberia.

For me it is the serenity of having my central air conditioning unit shut off after months of continuous running, to finally be able to get a good night’s rest without the annoying hum of the AC and with the added benefit of enjoying cool, fresh air circulate inside my apartment.

So, whatever designer outfit you select to wear this evening, please ensure that is appropriately selected based on its suitability for the temperature outside rather than the price of the label.

Wishing you all a happy and cool 2006!

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