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The souq of the world

I ate one of these today, which I bought at Spinneys. It’s a Mexican Pithaya, and it comes from a cactus. It was very expensive, but very very nice. Sweet taste and amazingly juicy:

Dubai Concert Scene

As mentioned in an earlier post, Bryan Adams returns to Dubai for yet another concert. Although I am not a fan, I did manage to see him twice in concert here in Dubai. His first concert was held in Al Nasr leisureland and I went because I had free passes (and nothing better to do), and the second one was held at Dubai Tennis Stadium and I decided to attend because he performed with Chicane, and I have to say that although Bryan headlined the act, the first hour with Chicane performing was so good that Bryan had to bring Chicane back on near the end to give the audience an exciting encore.

Democracy in UAE

I was suprised at this news report when it popped up on a search for democracy UAE, apparently I had not read the compelete title.

Ame Info Reports:
Democracy in UAE Education
The principles of democracy are to be taught in UAE schools from Grade One starting next year, officials told Gulf News. Students are to learn the skills of debate and methods of modern parliaments. This follows news of the first direct elections to be held in the UAE.

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams will be back in Dubai for a concert on February 2 in the Dubai Media City amphitheatre. This will be his second concert in Dubai, the last one was a blast and it was sold out. His tour will coincide with the release of his Anthology album, and feature a full band.

Bussola On the Beach

Puma had a launch party of their new music tonight at Bussola On the Beach at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi near the Media City, Internet City, etc.

There was one of those little golf cart driving thingies that drive you to Bussola, they were really cute. Bussola was really pretty… especially the furniture, it was very nice. It overlooks the pool and has a very nice, soft, romantic atmoshpere. Don’t know much about the food, but their drinks were nothing special. But it’s worth going there just for the atmosphere.

So you know where to go the next time you want to take yourother half for a romantic night out :)

Randomness Dubai.




Game Machine and Shisha… Oh joy!!

Hello hello Dubai

It’s bye bye Karachi, and hello hello Dubai for a few days.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the Dubai airport so I won’t :p However, this time my flight landed at Terminal 2 instead of the usual Terminal 1, and I found this time more pleasant. I was out of the airport in ten minutes flat. No lots and lots and lots of walking till feet get tired as happens in Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is so tiny!! You get off the plane, sit in a bus that carries you to the airport, as soon as you enter the airport there’s the passport control. One step out of passport control you get your luggae and five steps away is the exit. I usually go crazy walking, walking, walking in Terminal 1. This was such a refreshing change. Just got here 2 hours ago so haven’t seen much yet.

Seeing Emirates Towers from far, far above when I was in the plane brought a smile to my face. ‘Tis good indeed to be back in the city of heat, warm water, shopping and lots and lots of Shisha.

Speaking of Shisha, if you’re a shisha person.. try out Classikiyat which right in front of Lamcy Plaza. It has amazing shisha. The highlight of Classikiyat are the game machines.. if you have lots of time to waste. One game costs 1 dh. and the shisha prices range from 10 to 20 dhs. The atmosphere is very chill and has a relaxing aura to it. The staff is uber friendly too.

Well, so that was the first entry from the guest blogger. More to come soon :))

Dubai Motorshow Update

The 8th Dubai Motorshow is being held in WTC Dubai between 12th and 16th Dec, 2005. I managed to visit there after work and was really impressed by the exhibition. The cars, the stalls, the models, all were absolutely amazing.

There were some concept designs from Chevy, GMC and BMW. It was good to see those pencil sketches in real life. Toyota unveiled a concept hybrid “CS&S” which runs on electric-gas engine.

Human Rights

Dubai’s human rights situation is sickening, Even though dubai is becoming a tourist destination and is coming up on the world map its just sad to see that the country is doing nothing in regards to this situation. most people visiting do not see the situation as it is hidden, there is no freedom of press, things are hidden from the public, workers are made to work like crazy, they have no rights whatsoever in most companies. I can go on and on and on about this what do you guys have to say….. what brought this sudden outburst of anger and frustration, on the way back from work today I saw about 50-60 people jammed standing into a imigration transportation truck being herded somewhere like animals, probably for minor immigration violations.

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