Traffic Jams

Getting stuck in traffic jams, every now and then, on the way to office / home, even on the way to some pre-arrangedl appointment, is getting into the daily norms of almost all of Dubaites. Whether it’s the regular traffic jam to / from Jebel Ali to Bur Dubai or to / from Garhoud Bridge till Sharjah City Centre, everywhere you will find a traffic jam, holding the commuters back on their car seats for a long time.

But there are many many drawbacks of these everyday traffic jams in UAE, specially in Dubai. Some of them are;

1. Increased level of stress among drivers, specially taxi and truck drivers, who have to work long hours on the road. This stress level is the one of the causes behind high level of per capita accidents in this city.

2. Economical loss due to excess fuel cost (the cost of fuel is already highest in the region) and delayed deliveries or less number of transport of goods per vehicle per day, which eventually results in higher price to consumers.

3. Air pollution due to carbon monoxide emission.

Careless driving by agitated drivers, either due to reason that they are getting late for any appointment or work. Which includes, but not restricted to, driving on hard shoulder / filter way (which are usually reserved for emergency services), overtaking vehicles from right hand side road, not respecting zebra-crossings, etc?
Though, there are many people who have ways to enjoy or pass the time peacefully, during the traffic jams, many listen to radio, many passengers take a nap but the best of all I have seen so far in Dubai, was on the day when a truck got toppled inside Galadari underpass ( that was at least two years ago), traffic was on stand still for more than three hours the lady in the car behind mine, shared her flask full of coffee with at least ten drivers including myself. This kind of spirit is needed during the chaotic traffic jams.

Well, enough said, I have my way of killing time during traffic jams and that is to search for some nice rock song on all radio stations, if I don’t find one then I send traffic info through sms and when they call to check I request my favourite song.

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