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Rain Rain & Rain!!!

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Its reaining since 0800 Hrs in emirates of Sharjah and Dubai, rest of the emirates must be experiancing showers, but I dont have any news so far. The attached photo is of my temporary office’s main entrance in Jebel Ali, I took it arround 1130 Hrs and still I can hear thunders loud and clear, water is dripping from windows and sipping hot cofee, when temperature is down till 18 centigrates. Come on guys we dont get this kind of weather every year here. so enjoy it, leave the worries and work for a while and chill.

Weather Report

Good Morning Everyone. Its 0830 in a beautiful morning. I’m in Bur Dubai and its raining heavily with strong winds. There is such a heavy cloud formation that it doesnt seem that the rain will stop anytime soon.

How’s the weather in other areas of the town / emirates?? I heard that its thundering with heavy mist in Jumeirah!

Guys, lets pour in the weather report from wherever you are!!!

“Picture Perfect Wedding”

An interesting photo accompanying this Gulf News article about modern marriage trends:



So, can anyone guess? To break the monotony of everything posh that is usually photographed in the Emirates.

Morning Rain! Blessing or crisis

Today morning, the whole of the UAE seemed to be completely immobilised due to a slight drizzling in the wee hours of the day.

It is sad to see that such and advanced region in the world hs not been able to plan and cope up with its increasing traffic volume and comes to a complete halt merely due to a drizzle.

I left home at my usual time, 0630 (my office starts at 0800), but couldnt even get to the main road. Came back home and tried again at 0830 but the same.

Finally, left home at 1000 and got to work at 1230…..Whoa!! that’s like, a 2 and a half hour drive to Bur Dubai!!!

Man, the govt, really really need to take this seriously!

Brokeback and angry letters

What is it with 7Days newspaper and its endless cinema campaigns? First Harry Potter, now it won’t stop going on about Brokeback Mountain.

Could the real reason be the absolute deluge of letters that pour in whenever controversial issues such as those relating to Brokeback are raised? 7Day’s readership probably goes through the roof whenever a good, juicy letter war is taking place.

Letter writing in Dubai is something of a cult, particularly as the small population and newspaper readship makes it easy to get a letter printed, and bored expats have time to kill. The difficulty for editors must be spotting the myriad hoax letters they get.

Though like many things here, the reality is often far funnier than the fantasy: the fakes pale in comparison to the genuine wackos writing in.


The space travel agency, Space Adventures, has announced that Ras Al-Khaimah would be the location of the first, of several spaceports to take tourists on sub-orbital flights. So get your gear ready and line up, if you want to orbit the earth for your next holiday. I can just imagine the promo tag line, “Enter Ras Al-Khaimah, to exit the planet”… Exciting times we live in, don’t you agree?

Here’s the full story.

This is a big achievement for UAE and for Ras Al-Khaimah. Bravo!



I think everyone can guess where this is. I spend most of my evenings looking at this view… not bad, huh? :)

Boom town

The fastest-growing city on earth, Dubai is spending mind-boggling sums on construction and is about to swallow up P&O in its bid to be a global maritime power. Given the scale of its ambition, could it become the most important place on the planet?

Adam Nicolson of The Guardian reports from ‘Mushroom City’

Morning has broken


You know the best thing about getting up at dawn, is getting a chance to see a sky like this. I was so chuffed by it!
Doesn’t happen very often.

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