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Best Valentine Date!

Ok, the Valentine’s just a day apart and I see a lot of people discussing their idea of a ‘perfect’ valentine date, best venue, best cuisine/gift and the best attire.

What’s yours?



There is a replica of the Taj Mahal at the Global Village. Apparently, it is 75% scale of the original size. If they had only pushed for the remaining 25%, I could go ahead and cancel my trip to India. Or alternatively, I can scale my self down by 25% and visit this one TM at global village and it would be as big the original. hmm?

BTW, anyone been inside the TM at global village? I didn’t bother going in…

Farewell pop-freak

Oh dear – seems like Wacko Jacko is no longer getting the arms-wide-open welcome from Gulf royalty. Both Bahrainis and Dubaians have had enough of him:

…the prince has been informed by his family, the al-Khalifa clan, that Jackson is no longer welcome to unlimited generosity from the Bahraini royals.

In fact, Jackson is aware of this. Sources tell me that he had found a couple of wealthy families in Dubai who helped him out, but their largesse was limited.

“Jackson is essentially bouncing around the United Arab Emirates looking for handouts,” my sources say.

He looked terrible in an abaya anyway…

Where in Dubai # 7

This photograph is atleast two years old, Place is pretty obvious, anyways, three out of five people in my office failed to guess it, though, they go through this route atleast twice a week.

Spice Souk

Just wanted to share a photo of a shop in spice souk, I found it on the net.

Is it me or is it global warming?


What has happened to the weather?! It feels like (in the morning) that the summer is already here. What a jib! It is not even the end of the Feb. I hope there is a last morsel of winter still left before global warming (or whatever the heck this warm spell is) swallows the chill in the air and burps out the beginning the warm summer months. Sounds revolting doesn’t it?…. I think so.

Dubai Map

Does any have a perfect Dubai Road Map?

After suffering from daily traffic jams, we need to try alternate routes. Such, as thesedays am working in JAFZ, and when I leave at 1730 Hrs, its takes 1 1/2 hour to get to Garhoud Bridge, no matter I take SZR, Emirates Road or Al Wasl Rd. Its total CHAOTIC, and no one in authroities is taking any notice of thsi except for giving statements in News Papers.

By advising alternate and fast route, we may help oursleves and others. Further it will help in reducing air polution and stree level in daily commuters. Lets do our part guys.

BTW, anyone knows how to load a flash file on this website, I do have good map on flash, which shows, all hospitals, petrol pumps and hotels in Dubai metro area.

Sharjah Under Fire

There was big fire in the Industrial ared behind Sharjah College. Attached is the pic i took on the way to work


So, the rumor was true!!

When I was in primary school, I used to listen to teachers’ gossips that wealthy people from GCC go to India, specially to Hyderabad Dakkan and other places to get married and divorce the bride as soon as they find another woman to marry

But until recently, I was in impression that this practice must have been discontinued, as India has become more advance and is moving in fast pace in fields of education, service providing and social works and got one of the best economic growth rate in the world, then how come practices like this are still on?, read this news for further info.

I think literacy is the only way to curb this practice.

Where in UAE # 6 ??


Even a tourist can guess it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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