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the dating hub of GCC – DUBAI

an interesting article here

Alarming Rise of GAYs in UAE

Being Gay MAY-BE an acceptable life style in Europe & US,. However a liberal insight of Islam & Muslim Dominated Arabian GULF such practices are NOT permitted, even in privacy of boundry if reported, it is a crime punishable to death.

But Dubai is hoodwinking, that., a crimnal negligance and moral apathy is on rise and Rulers of Dubai are not paying attention to it. Despite the fact that Intelligance (CID) is very strong and upright in cases of moral degrading.

an excerpt from personal visit of
Johann Hari.
There is one group in Dubai for whom the rhetoric of sudden freedom and liberation rings true – but it is the very group the government wanted to liberate least: gays.

Beneath a famous international hotel, I clamber down into possibly the only gay club on the Saudi Arabian peninsular. I find a United Nations of tank tops and bulging biceps, dancing to Kylie, dropping ecstasy, and partying like it’s Soho. “Dubai is the best place in the Muslim world for gays!” a 25-year old Emirati with spiked hair says, his arms wrapped around his 31-year old “husband”. “We are alive. We can meet. That is more than most Arab gays.”

It is illegal to be gay in Dubai, and punishable by ten years in prison. But it circulates online which is the latest unofficial gay club, and men flock here, seemingly unafraid of the police. “They might bust the club, but they will just disperse us,” one of them says. “The police have other things to do.”

In every large city, gay people find a way to find each other – but Dubai has become the clearing-house for the region’s gay people, a place where they can live in relative safety. Saleh, a lean Private in the Saudi Arabian army, has come here for the Coldplay concert, and tells me Dubai is “great” for gays: “In Saudi, it’s hard to be straight when you’re young. The women are shut away so everyone has gay sex. But they only want to have sex with boys – 15 to 21 year olds. I’m 27 so I’m too old now. I need to find real gays, so this is the best place. All Arab gays want to live in Dubai.”

With that, Saleh dances off across the dance-floor, towards a Dutch guy with big biceps and a big smile.

Street Crime on Rise

Gold chain snatchers and daylight robbers are haunting women, pedestrians and shop owners in residential pockets of Sharjah.

The latest crime occurred on Monday afternoon in front of a gold jeweller in the busy Rolla Square area. An expatriate women’s gold chain was snatched away in broad daylight while she walked down Rolla Street.
Sharjah Police have warned people to not exhibit valuables like ornaments or cash in public as there are many desperate people around, especially because unemployment has risen during the economic crisis.
“The number of house breaks, thefts from shops and petty crimes by distressed people are on the increase. We have also seen an increase in the number of theft in residential buildings, shops and even the public areas. We have deployed more officials and detectives to keep a watch on such criminals,” the spokesperson said.
Earlier media reports suggest a crime happens in Sharjah every 26 minutes, compared to a daily average of 60 crimes in 2008

Opening of a Original Pakistani Food Outlet

From Pakistan comes the BBQ Delite, at Lamcy plaza expansion happened and they are now at The Walk – JBR, in Dubai Marina.

2010 and another Pakistani special ‘Student Biryani’ is here in Dubai. Famous for its Biryani they are almost open, at Karama right across the road from Karama ‘day-to-day’ store. The place is transformed from Bhimas the vegetarian resturant. Let us hope they bring a decent change in the BIRYANI scene of Dubai. Phone number for inquiries is 04-3369992

New Airline

Flydubai –http:/// –  the new airline with HUB at Dubai.

Operating from Terminal 2, Flydubai is reaching as far as Khatmandu, Lucknow, & Karachi in Mid-Asia and covering GCC & Amman in Jordan.

The announced fares are half the price of Emirates using Dubai as Central HUB & other UAE based airlines. So far the aircrafts seen are NEW, not on lease from other airlines. Hope they will be able to take load for the vacations for India & Pakistan.

Al-Maktoum International @ Jabel Ali

Al Maktoum International Airport will open in June for cargo only, with plans to receive passengers in 2011 sometime.

Currently it  features a single A380 compatible runway, 64 remote stands, a cargo terminal building capable of handling 250,000 tonnes per annum expandable to 600,000 tonnes per annum and a dedicated road link to the port in Jebel Ali.

Borrowed Image

Almaktoum International Airport (Borrowed Image)

Basic Human Rights, lacking here

-George Fulton is Full Time Free Lance Journalist, –
We haven’t got a lot to be thankful for these days in Pakistan.

But at least we are not Dubai.

Fed up with loadshedding, bombs, and TV cynicism pervading Pakistan, I recently escaped to Dubai for a holiday. Big mistake. Huge. Ten days later I returned, gasping for Karachi’s polluted, but far sweeter, air. Dubai may have the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest shopping mall, but it also has the world’s tiniest soul. It’s a plastic city built in steel and glass.

It has imported all the worst aspects of western culture (excessive consumption, environmental defilement) without importing any of its benefits (democracy, art). This is a city designed for instant gratification a hedonistic paradise for gluttons to indulge in fast food, fast living and fast women. It’s Las Vegas in a dish dash. You want to eat a gold leaf date? Munch away.

You want to drink a Dhs 3,000 bottle of champagne? Bottoms up. You want a UN selection of hookers at your fingertips? Tres bien. Let’s start with the malls. These cathedrals of capitalism, these mosques of materialism are mausoleums of the living dead. Slack jawed zombies roam around consuming food, clothes and electronics in a desperate attempt to fill the emptiness of their existence.

Whilst at the Mall of the Emirates the azan goes off. Nobody appears to move to the prayer room; everyone’s too busy performing sajda before Stella McCartney, genuflecting before Gucci, and prostrating themselves at Prada. With Dubai, one recalls F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

The people are modern day Gatsbys, buying shirts that they will never wear and books they will never read. Like Fitzgerald’s roaring 20s America, Dubai is a moral failure a society obsessed with wealth and status. Everyone is trying to keep up with the Jones’ or the Javaids. You see the goras with their perma-tans, streaked highlights and their flabby cleavages.

The upwardly mobile South Asian man prances around wearing a silly shirt with a large picture of a polo player on a horse, whilst their women wear oversized sunglasses and carry oversized handbags. And the Arabs walk about with enough gold bling to blind you at ten paces. But not everything that glitters is gold. And Dubai is not only morally bankrupt it is also financially bankrupt.

Lately, Dubai, and its ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Maktoum have been compared to another piece of literature — Percy Shelley’s famous poem Ozymandias, which illustrates the inevitable decline of all leaders and the empires they build. Shelley finishes it thus: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains.

Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away With $80b of debt and a stock and property market that has tanked, the comparisons with Ozymandias are apt. Abu Dhabi may have bailed them out but can Dubai survive as a regional hub in the long-term? Or will this city of hubris built on sand and folly sink back into the dunes a desert mirage that evaporates once the public relations people, the speculators and the tourists disappear?

So for all you naysayers that bemoan Pakistan and its numerous problems please temper your pessimism. Take time to celebrate our cultural, religious, linguistic plurality and richness. Stop the cynicism coursing through your corroded veins. For all its inadequacies, at least we have a democracy.

For all its irresponsibility, at least we have a robust media. For all the police corruption, at least we are not a police state. For all our littering, at least we have paper wallahs. Remind yourself that at least we have a heart. At least we have a soul. At least we are not Dubai.
– –


Fines or Parking ticket – the picture has 1000 words in it

Confidence rebuilding

Once again the Dynamic son of soil have stepped forward and invited the back bone of govt to his residence,  revitalizing their confidence & trust in the mecahnism and system in UAE.

HRH Shaikh Mohammed Ruler of Dubai Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE invited the Government Office’s Directors Managers and Officers on wednesday to Zabeel Palace

Following is quoted via WAM

Senior officials were urged on Wednesday to prepare for new challenges and shun “the distortions that don’t reflect the reality on the ground”.

“You have to keep working hard and learn from your mistakes,” His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, was quoted by WAM as telling officials and directors of local government bodies and institutions during a meeting at his palace in Zabeel.

“Those who work hard would naturally make mistakes; I want you to work hard for your country even if you make mistakes,” he added.

Discounts at The Malls – Dubai & Sharjah

Several malls in Dubai and Sharjah are offering discounts to Christmas and New Year shoppers.

Dubai Festival City
In Dubai Festival City, shoppers are being entertained with Music Video Nights at the Floating Stage on Thursdays. The entertainment, from 6pm to 11.30pm, would continue till the Christmas eve on December 24. They can relax after a shopping spree and watch their favourite music videos on screen.

Every Thursday and Saturday until December 31, a community drumming is also going on at the Festival Square. Participation is open to all ages and nationalities. This event has been brought back due to the success of the last drumming circle.

Shoppers and residents may also join another community-based events like Charity Souk, Arte Fair, and performances/workshops. They may also join a Facebook group called “Festival Centre’s Community Arts Market”.

Thursdays and Saturdays offer shoppers and visitors with the Games 
Alliance Middle East show, which will be held till December 31, while the Community Arts Market is held every first weekend, Comedy Nights, where screenings of comedy classics take place from 
6pm to 11.30pm, are held every Monday until December 21, Concert Nights every Tuesday and great Arabic 
films and concerts every Wednesday until December 23 and learning to 
be a DJ at Bowling City on Wednesday 

Deira City Center
The holiday season is celebrated with big sale and discounts in the mall,

Participating in the big sale are the shops of Toys ‘R’ Us with 25 per cent off for all remote-controlled cars; Jeanswest with discounts up to 75 per cent; Terranova, Calliope with 70 per cent off; Misako with discounts up to 70 per cent; Nine West with 60 per cent off; Phat Farm with part sale from 25 to 60 per cent for Lee Cooper; Dune with part sale; Riskino with 25 to 75 per cent off; Pairs Blend with up to 50 per cent off; Mexx with up to 50 per cent off; Eros Digital Point with special offer on TV; Justice, Free Fashion Watch; and River Island with all products priced 
at Dh80.

In Mercato’s The Toy Factory, a series of workshops for children are being held on the first floor. The workshops are designed to entertain the kids while their parents enjoy shopping at leisure. Children are given the opportunity to use their creativity and build their
 own toys.

Letters to the Lapland is another event that offers children the chance to write about the kindest thing they did for someone this year. At stake are exciting prizes for the most touching story submitted by children between one and five years and those between six and 
10 years.

Roaming performers dressed as Christmas ornaments, plum puddings and gift boxes skating around Mercato are now entertaining shoppers and guests with photo opportunities.

Al Ghurair City
Al Ghurair City has launched an exciting promotion offering thousands of Al Ghurair City shopping vouchers to reward winter shoppers at the mall. It has put together a combination of world-class shopping, and scratch-and-win promotion, which will ensure a continued loyal visitor profile along with new customers.

In this promotion, shoppers spending a minimum Dh200 in any of the over 200 shops at the mall will get an opportunity to scratch and win thousands of shopping vouchers.

Retail outlets of leading local and international brands are offering special deals and incentives this winter

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