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Blackberry or Husband

In Gulf a Policeman physically abused his wife with a whip and a sharp object. Later the woman went to police station & complained and filed for Divorce.  As we all know MEN is a SUPERMAN, in GULF States, and that too a policeman, he was summoned by his Police brethern and inquired about charges, – He admitted of what his wife has said, attributing it to’ My WIFE is MORE INTERESTED IN HER BLACK BERRY’ then ME her husband.

The unidentified police captain in the eastern port city used a whip to lash his wife and a sharp object to hit her on the head before she was transferred to hospital for treatment, a report said.

“She then went to the police and filed a complaint…when her husband was summoned and asked whey he attacked her, he said he did so because she is more interested in her Blackberry handset than him,” the report said.

The wife has also filed for divorce and is awaiting court procedures. Her husband reacted by expelling her from home and depriving her from seeing her children.

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