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UAE – Quit The Job & Land in Trouble

WASHINGTON — The conundrum was simple enough. An employee of a company in the United Arab Emirates, while on vacation outside the country, received a job offer in India that was too good to pass up. He sent a resignation letter to his UAE employer, and upon their acceptance of his resignation, started up a new gig.

Ten years later, he had an opportunity come up in Dubai. With plans to take it, his future Dubai employer tried to get him a work visa. But as they prepared to bring their new employee back to the UAE, they found they couldn’t. The man’s former employer from 10 years earlier had filed a case against him, accusing him of leaving……….. more here

Minister Gargash Please

gargash- AnwerGargash

The statement from UAE minister Anwer Gargash on Friday have given a new spin to UAE PAKISTAN relationship. The threatening statement sparked a wave unrest among expats.

Never said but silently known to all, UAE is being part & partner of ongoing instability & terror wave inside Pakistan. Gawader & Coastal belt of Balochistan is infested with terrorist. Funded & harbored by UAE. The world intellgensia knows about it in open.

UAE being tax free heaven for all kind of corrupt & criminal people of subcontinent is on verge of blackmailing the people in power. UAE shall never forget the terrorist they harbored the safe heaven they provide to criminals from Pakistan aka UZAIR Baloch may turn the tables against them anytime.

UAE must understand such threatening statements will damage UAE from within. The expat community is quiet resentful of statement by Dr. Gargash, to which no denile has been issued by the UAE Govt.

Look from within the UAE as whole & KSA in particular [ to which UAE has become loudspeaker issuing such venomous statements ], is suppressing human rights, silencing the people demanding more freedom of speech, more human rights, a system of local common men representative bodies , a feel of democracy which is totally absent. The UAE shall stop making noise for the foster father KSA and be part of dialogue campaign to resolve the YEMEN – KSA conflict which is turf war of tribal & sectarian clerics.

UAE & KSA shall acknowledge The decision of Pakistani Law makers – Elected Public representatives of People of Pakistan in Parliament. They have collectively decided not to be part of WAR campaign between KSA & YEMEN, and suggested a peaceful dialogue to end the sectarian and regional conflict of Tribes.

Pakistan shall not & must not be party to KSA & YEMEN conflict. Pakistan Army is not group of mercenaries.

Pakistan armed forces are most organized well trained well equipped well disciplined Armed forces in region, of a soverign democratic country.

If needed & if time close-by to protect MAKKAH & MADINAH The Pakistan Army Navy & Airforce will not need any invitation or request. it will act on will of its people & ummah collectively.

UAE must immediately call an OIC conference, get all players KSA YEMEN IRAN QATAR on one table for resolution of KSA – Yemen conflict. war is no solution to a problem, negotiations & discussion are. Pakistan & Turkey can play vital role for such discussion and UAE shall HOST the event sooner then later. The troika of UAE PAKISTAN TURKEY can play a positive decisive role to end such conflict without further loss of human life.

Savings is almost Impossible in UAE

In the UAE, a severe absence of a savings culture, that’s been said and proven time and time again. The image of a tax-free salary and comfortable lifestyle continues to attract thousands of expatriates from all over the world to leave their homes, jobs and even families, to come to UAE for a better life.

But are we saving this ‘extra’ money we’re supposedly earning here? The results of yet another survey say otherwise., a leading price comparison site in the Middle East, says that 65 percent of their 900 respondents admit they want to be saving more than they actually are. So, on the bright side, at least there’s a desire to save, but half of them claim they save absolutely nothing at all, while 44 percent complain that they’re saving less than they did three years ago.

“The combination of high living costs, the perception of “being rich” due to no taxes and a lack of education on how to manage income and debt could explain the results of our survey,’ says Ambareen Musa, Souqalmal’s founder.

“While enjoying a good quality of life now is important, saving adequate amounts for the future is even more so, especially as people typically do not accrue social benefits while working in the UAE,” says Musa.

The next bit of the study groups the best savers in the country according to their nationality – and if you’d allow Kipp to slightly digress – we must say we aren’t completely fond of segregation by nationality. But here are the facts if you’re interested.

Apparently, western expats are the best savers; being able to put 10 to 30 percent of their monthly income away, followed by Asian expats, with one third of them saving within that same range. Thirty percent of nationals in the UAE do not save any money at all and, lastly, the study suggests that ‘Arab expats seem to find it harder to save’ with 12 percent admitting they don’t even know how to save and 32 percent claiming they save nothing at all.

Why people fail to save ? It is the Plastic money culture which is on boom again. Banks have smartly trapped people by allowing a limit of 1.5 times the actual pay cheque. means if a person is making AED 5000 the credit card limit is AED 7000. Such entrapment is the root cause of Zero-Savings culture across local & expatriates equally. While the locals manage to get a waiver for fees & markups, and can pay off in easy installments after settlement, while the expats end up in jails. Thats called Discriminated Economic Lynching ! :)

Tips to sleep well during summer nights

We end up having sleepless nights when the temperature mercilessly goes up. If keeping windows open for fresh air is one way to get good sleep, there are more you can do to sleep like a baby. a website has shared advice given by the Sleep Council on how to get perfect night’s sleep during summer season.

To keep the room cool during night, start from daytime by keeping curtains drawn.
Use cotton sheets instead of blankets.
Wear light cotton nightwear to absorb perspiration.
Take bath with cold water before bedtime to lower your body temperature.
Also drink cold water during evening and keep a bottle of water near your bed.
Stay away from heavy meal, caffeine, as these can make you feel hot in the middle of the night due to dehydration or over-active digestion.

To get relief from heat, you can put a tray of ice and water in front of the fan which will further cool the air.

Dress code for UAE

What is indecent for men
Very short pants in public or commercial places like malls and public offices

Chest nudity
Ezar in public places (Ezar is the local Emirati male underwear)

What is indecent for women
Clothing that exposes the stomach and back Short clothing above the knee
Tight and transparent clothing that describes the body

Rules at public beaches
All swimmers should wear conservative swimwear that is acceptable to the culture in Sharjah
Do not wear swimwear in streets or other public places

Living together
It is not allowed for a man and woman who are not connected by a legally acceptable relationship to be alone in public places or in suspicious times or circumstances.


Police, designated employees, security officers, and building guards are ordered to observe, coordinate and ensure adherence to these rules of decency and public conduct.
Police only enforce these whenever a warning is not sufficient.
Public employees are to provide instructions, advice and clarification to the violator, keeping goodwill as the basis in the interaction. In case of negative response, the police may be called in.
When violators of this code seek service, it may be refused and they should be made aware of the regulations.
Source: Sharjah decency and public conduct rules and objectives official brochure


“We’re not talking about taxes,” Ahmed Humaid Al Tayer, Governor of the Dubai International Financial Centre and part of the three-member Dubai Supreme Fiscal Committee (DSFC), said. “The local government doesn’t have the authority to impose taxes,” he said, adding that that was a decision to be taken by the federal government.


Street Crime on Rise

Gold chain snatchers and daylight robbers are haunting women, pedestrians and shop owners in residential pockets of Sharjah.

The latest crime occurred on Monday afternoon in front of a gold jeweller in the busy Rolla Square area. An expatriate women’s gold chain was snatched away in broad daylight while she walked down Rolla Street.
Sharjah Police have warned people to not exhibit valuables like ornaments or cash in public as there are many desperate people around, especially because unemployment has risen during the economic crisis.
“The number of house breaks, thefts from shops and petty crimes by distressed people are on the increase. We have also seen an increase in the number of theft in residential buildings, shops and even the public areas. We have deployed more officials and detectives to keep a watch on such criminals,” the spokesperson said.
Earlier media reports suggest a crime happens in Sharjah every 26 minutes, compared to a daily average of 60 crimes in 2008

reality check

 This is funny or Ironic!

Dubai is the land of the biggest, tallest, longest, widest, richest, fanciest, fastest… everythingist… in the world. They have the tallest residential towers in the world, the tallest resturant in the world, the largest number of Malbaris in the world, the highest crane operator in the world.

If it does not grow in Dubai, they’ll make it artificially – artificial ski slopes, artificial islands, artificial oasis, coconut trees and lawns, artificial beaches, artificial economy.

Pakistani & Indians especially love it here because of the dirham-to-rupee value.The Filipinos come here because they have no choice; there’s nothing back home, not even dogs – they’ve been eaten up. The Egyptians come here because there is nothing to do in Egypt. No more pyramids to build either. The Lebanese come here to buy cars, dress to kill, wear Peter Pan shoes 10 sizes bigger than their feet, put 1 kg of gel on their heads and give everyone ball talk. They’ll buy a 1980’s Merc or BMW for 10k dirhams and drive the car like they’re sitting in the rear passenger seat, stretching their arms all the way to the steering wheel, giving you the piercing bald eagle look.

The Bangladeshis come here to build the tallest buildings in the world.

Now according to the government, Dubai is tax free. Of course, that is true. Only, there is a Pay and Park scheme with 5000 parking lots, and 500,000 cars in the city, so where the hell do you park? And you’re fined for wrong parking. Toll has been introduced on many roads. You can avoid the toll tax by using alternative routes, but you’ll end up in a traffic jam because everyone is trying to avoid the toll tax.

If you have any government related work like medicals for visa or immigration, you have 2 options- Standard and Urgent Procedure. Standard takes 15 days and Urgent takes 2 days. The difference is 30 to 40-odd dirhams. Everyone goes for the urgent option and the Dubai government makes money, urgently.

If you switch jobs you get a work ban and to lift the ban you pay a huge penalty.

In Dubai, without a car you’re paralyzed (you don’t even get jobs if you don’t have a car). But you’ll get your license in attempts ranging from 2 to 20. Each time you fail you have paid fees for Driving Classes & Driving Tests, which are 1000-odd dirhams. Imagine the money RTA makes.

Most of the expats live alone with families back home. So they spend much on phone calls. And call charges from Dubai are high. Another odd thing about Dubai – no matter where you go or who you meet, you take down phone numbers. Everybody has everybody’s number in Dubai. And everyone has a Visiting Card, whether you’re a bootlegger, a masseuse, a hooker, a car cleaner, a watchman or a pizza delivery boy. Everyone knocks around with lots of cards in his or her wallet and one card in the palm. So whenever you shake hands with anyone in Dubai and let go, you end up with a visiting card in your palm.

If you’re walking on the road and you ask someone the time, he’ll tell you “10:30”, give you his card and say, “I have new and second-hand watches”.

At a restaurant when you’re leaving they’ll say “Here’s my card, call us for home delivery.”

If you’re below your building, you’ll meet those Chinese chicks giving you their cards, saying, “Call us if you want DVDs”.
If you’re standing at a bus stop, a Malbari will pull over in his 1980 Toyota Corolla, give you his card and say, “If you want Pick-up & Drop Service, call me”.

Dubai has amusing-looking buildings. Some have holes in them, some have giant balls on them, some look like aeroplanes, some look like sail boats, and, all of them reach into space with your window right in front of the moon.

Everyone in Dubai goes to malls. Not necessarily to shop. To beat the heat, go to a mall; business meeting, go to a mall; getting bored, go to a mall; want to take a leak or dump, go to a mall; want to do eye-warming (little in your pocket & women in your mind), go to a mall. If you want to go for a picnic go to a mall.
Some Pakistani & Indian go home, get married, and then come to a Dubai Mall for their honeymoon

fines for running to catch Dubai Metro, how funny ! :)

age 22 to 45, you stay focused how to survive Dubai, 46 onwards, you get ready to butted outta here as Govt ask your employer retire him & send back, – You remain expatriate after xx number of years and have no previlages ! :) You have to go home or to country you choose to migrate when in Dubai.

In any case, UAE is for Emiratis ONLY., all others are aliens forever.

Job Questions (in UAE)- Top 50

Top Questions

1. Does managing in the Middle East differ from managing elsewhere?

2. In what countries have you worked – what were the differences?

3. Have you managed a multicultural team before?

4. What were the challenges of running a multicultural team?

5. Give me an overview of who you are/your experience?

6. What’s your greatest strength?

7. What’s your greatest weakness?

8. How have you managed a difficult situation and brought out a positive outcome?

9. When have you failed? What did you learn from it?

10. What is your proudest achievement?

11. Describe your management style?

12. How do you like to be managed?

13. Why should we hire you?

14. What would your employees say about you?

15. Why do you want to work for us?

16. Who else are you talking to?

17. Describe the perfect job?

18. What are you earning now?

19. What salary do you expect?

20. What would you do in the first month of this job?

21. Have you ever fired anyone before? How did it feel?

22. How would you build confidence in your manager?

23. How would you get your team’s trust?

24. What’s your favourite book/film – why?

25. When were you last seen to fail? How did you handle the criticism?

26. Do you live to work or work to live?

27. Which boss/leader have you/do you most admire – and why?

28. Do you have any questions?

29. When can you start?

30. Why are you leaving your present job?

31. Why did you leave?

32. What did you rate your previous boss?

33. What technical/personal training do you need?

34. Describe the type of people you like to work for?

35. When have you been the happiest?

36. How would you fire someone – describe the meeting?

37. Where do you see yourself in 18 months?

38. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

39. You win the lottery – what do you do?

40. Describe yourself in five words?

41. What do you think you can bring to this job?

42. What questions should I have asked you, but have not?

43. How has this interview been handled?

44. How would you judge my performance in this interview?

45. What do you think of this city?

46. How long have you lived here? How long do you think you will want to live here?

47. Are you willing to relocate?

48. If you were asked by your company to do something that broke the law, would you?

49. What is your greatest fear?

50. Name three positive traits you don’t have?

Confidence rebuilding

Once again the Dynamic son of soil have stepped forward and invited the back bone of govt to his residence,  revitalizing their confidence & trust in the mecahnism and system in UAE.

HRH Shaikh Mohammed Ruler of Dubai Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE invited the Government Office’s Directors Managers and Officers on wednesday to Zabeel Palace

Following is quoted via WAM

Senior officials were urged on Wednesday to prepare for new challenges and shun “the distortions that don’t reflect the reality on the ground”.

“You have to keep working hard and learn from your mistakes,” His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, was quoted by WAM as telling officials and directors of local government bodies and institutions during a meeting at his palace in Zabeel.

“Those who work hard would naturally make mistakes; I want you to work hard for your country even if you make mistakes,” he added.

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