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‘Tis The Winter Of My Content

Well, it is finally here. With the advent of the new year, we are finally experiencing some cold weather here in Dubai (at least in the evenings). So it is time to bring out your wind cheaters, breeze breakers, and chill stoppers. What the heck am I on about? I am talking about winter clothes that you have stuffed in your closets that you happen to purchase from your favourite designer outlets during last year’s end of season sale.

Of course, for some expatriates here in Dubai, it is never cold enough to consider wearing a jacket or a sweater. They continue to wear their summer attire even though we can all hear their teeth chattering and see their knees knocking from the cold. And then there are those who pull out all stops and bring out their fur coats, wooly hats and mufflers as if they were enjoying a winter in Siberia.

Unsafe Transport

In a previous post about human rights in dubai I had mentioned about immigration violators being herded around standing in inhumane situation in a truck, on other occasions I have seen labor transported around in civilian trucks in the rear without seats and overloaded not only is this inhumane it is also unsafe. Private companies do this a lot but government muncipality labor has been seen transported in the same way, how can the government control the situation if they do not practice safety themselves, Even though I did not have a camera handy when I saw the muncipality vehicle, I caught a private truck on camera with people stuffed in the back.

Desert Safari

Recently went on a Desert safari, this picture was taken at the start point, wanted to put more pictures but cant figure out how to post multiple images in same post. so I’ll try again later.


Green, but still a desert


Christmas in Dubai #3


Christmas in Dubai #2


Christmas in Dubai #1


What’s with the online Banking

Ah the menace of technology, Like all major banks in the world Dubai Banks are trying to launch their own version of Online Banking services as well as online banks. The first time i came to the UAE I was on a visit visa and it seemed convinient to open an account online at the much marketed Me Bank, The problem with the bank is that even though they are partners with a regular bank Emirates bank, everything has to be done online ME Bank has no tellers so if you have a problem you gotta call them for services, the number they provide is not even toll free, talk about convinience. And you would think that since there is no personal service they would be free on the phone, no way, nothing’s free in this world you got a problem, you call them, they help you out and clink! there go 10 Dirhams. Not only that there is a daily limit of withdrawls of 10,000 buks at the ATM you got an emergency? sure they can accomodate you at Emirates bank Tellers all they charge is an extra 10 Bucks again. But you know what took the cake? I needed my bank statement attested for some reason since they don’t issue montly statements other then their online versions, I called them up paid the 10 Dirhms for direction to go to the nearest branch of emirates bank and the person there said sure we’ll give you your statement guess what we’ll be charging you 25 Dirhams, yes thats 25 Dirhms, but thats what all banks charge for a statement you say, well I forgot to mention thats 25 Dirhms Per “Page”. I had about 17 pages for the last 6 months thats a whopping 425 Dirhams. Some one needs to tell these people that online banking is supposed to be cheaper. And I need to find another bank. I guess thats enough bitching for a day.

Christmas Celebrations in Mall of the Emirates.


Santa was there, but I missed him by half an hour!
More pics of the Grotto and “Ski Dubai” on the flickr group!

Happy Christmas!

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