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At the Global Village – End of Trilogy

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The coolest thing at the Chinese Pavilion….but unfortunately, it is not for sale.

At the Global Village – the sequel

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I found a clue to the Da Vinci Code at the Chinese Pavilion at the Global Village. This one is called the ‘Moaning Lisa’.

At the Global Village

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This Taj Mahal is brought to you by the lovely people of KFC….at least that is what it looks like.

Contrasting Standards

There has always been a debate on the difference of living standards and ways of life between the twin emirates, Dubai and Sharjah. Its rather strange to see that the two emirates, being so close to each other, and sharing more than 50% population between work / residence, have so much contrast when it comes to lifestyles.

Having lived in both places, I noticed that as soon as you enter Sharjah, life seems to switch to slow motion.

Life is generally laid back in Sharjah as compared to Dubai, where the hustle bustle never cease to exist. This has had its impact on the government policies and procedures.

To quote my own experience, I had bought a used car last week and had to get it registered from Sharjah.
It took me 3 days due to no valid reason, although my friend was helping me out with the process (as I cant skip work)!

The 1st day, there was an issue that the insurance people needed to “see” the owner before they insure the car and the insurance forms had to be signed only in presence.
2nd day, when we went for the actual registration, only at the last counter were we told that they needed my picture before issuing the plates. Although we returned back to Muroor with the pics at 1130, they said it was too late and we will have to come the next day (Muroor timings are till 1300).
3rd day. The whole process took less than half an hour.

On the contrary, a close friend had the similar process done in less than 3 hours in Dubai.

On another incident, Etisalat Sharjah is not willing to accept my phone / internet application (duly signed) from my wife. They say I need to come in person and submit it over the counter!

I think there should be fair consistency in the procedures as mostly its the same population moving around to reduce time and cost of accomodation.


Today is 1st Moharram, the first day of Islamic calendar, which is a gazetted holiday in this country. But the local authorities, decided to postpone the holiday to Wednesday (tomorrow) for public sector offices and Thursday for private sector offices.

What kind of discrimination is this, if holiday needs to be declared then it should be for everyone on same date. Further, why need to postpone the holiday, isn’t it is supposed to be on 1st of Moharram?

I wonder, when the Islamic calendar will be decided to facilitate the holidays combining with weekend to make long weekend. I think very soon !!

Anyways, who cares about sighting of moon, right?

Where in Dubai # 4?


This one goes for Kami, Farrukh & Khurram’s friend. I think you will be able to guess it this time.

Changing times, rising crimes

According to a survey of 2,000 Dubai residents, 87 per cent feel that petty crime is on the rise.

In the “olden” days – ie the 1970s, 1980s and even early 1990s – expats recall how they never even needed to lock their front doors. Even today, few people chain their TVs to the wall, or use steering wheel locks, or invest in household theft insurance.

But things are changing: partly due to the increased population, and massively increased tourism. There are pickpocketing gangs operating in the souqs. Burglaries in leafy Jumeirah. Mobile phones snatched from people in the street.

Dubai is definitely a safer, less crime-ridden city than London, New York or Paris. But it is no longer the City of Unlocked Doors.

Where in UAE # 3


Guess the name and location of this building.

Where in UAE 2?


Street Racing??

Last night, me and the lady decided to take a stroll along Buheira Corniche around midnight.

We had a nice snack at the traditional restaurant there, overlooking the most spectacular view of Sharjah!

I noticed a small group of people meeting up there with Nissan Skylines, Hondas and some other cars, all done up as street racers. There was also a group of bikers on Harleys and even an old Triumph!!!

Has anyone else noticed this? Is this the beginning of the “fast and the furious” street racing cult?

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