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There are reports for some (dodgy) sources that there have been very mild tremors felt in Bur Dubai / Jebel Ali a few minutes ago… Anyone else felt anything??

Dubai Good For America

We here at dubai metblogs have been sitent on the whole issue of DP world taking over P&O, which has created a stir in America because the deal effects Ports in the US, according to the $6.8 Billion buyout of P&O by the dubai based DP World a leader in ship handling and port Operations, control of 22 US port terminals will come under the management of DP World. P&O was the British Empire’s giant steam line in its time and now its revenues come not from shipping but from port handling. The irony is that while the british understand that Emire has given way to globalization a lot of people in the US do not.

The old and the new

…but which is which?

(click for a bigger version)

Back in Dubai!

Just got back to Dubai after a month! The worst thing was the visa process at the Emirates counter. Me and my wife needed a 96-hour visa (which can be yours for 50$ per person). But the big catch is that they won’t give you the visa until you book one night in a hotel. I mean what the %$^&? My whole family lives in Dubai. I come here practically every month! My passport has tons of Dubai stamps. So why do i HAVE to book a hotel? Somebody teach them some sense!

Touring Ideas – What and where?

Ok, you’re inviting some close friends/family to Dubai for the first time. You have talked elaborately about the great places, beauty and resorts in Dubai and neighboring emirates so they are all anticipating one memorable visit!!!

So, where do u take them? what do you show them and what do u don’t show them??

Come’ on come’ on lets see who has a tour guide inside of us??

This cartoon says it all !!


This cartoon, says it all, regarding the recent global controversy on European version of “expression of freedom”.

I saw this cartoon in Gulf news, today, so took the photo to share it.

Some paranoia

When I saw Farrukh Ahmed’s post this evening and saw that yellow “Lambo”. For a minute, I thought why on this planet and especially in this city, where we all are living these days, every one is obsessed with cars. Of course, this includes me.

But there is another class, or a cult may be. Which only buys, and keeps the top of the range vehicles, in this town. I have seen people buying Ferrari Enzo (price tag AED 1.9 miln), Maserati MC12 (which can be yours for AED 3.5 miln) and Ferrari FXX (with the whopping price of AED 8.9 miln). My friends, this is not one off sales figure, these all cars were imported in quantity more than 3 units each and were already sold at the time of import.

Where in UAE # 7


Guess this one !!

I know you will.

Rain Town


I never saw clouds like this in Dubai before. I just had to take a picture – happened to be at the right place and right time. I absolutely love this weather! I for one, cannot get enough of it. Enjoy the rain lads, it won’t last for long.

Dubai Water City!!


A Beautiful Rainy day! A Beauty-Full-Of-Rainwater!!

Question is, would I have chosen to go around the town in MY Lambo if it was raining?? (Then again, the only Lambo I own sits on the shelf and is perfectly safe from any kind of hazards!!)

Some more pics of Bank Street at 1330 Hrs:

Image 01

Image 02

Image 03

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