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Dubai World Cup


Another Year in the UAE an another great event that I missed. I hear from people who went for events scheduled for the Dubai World cup that it was amazing. Any one of you who went please update us so we can plan the next year.

A murder of trees

I’ve blogged this already, but wanted to share the photos. Here’s what happens when poor untrained labourers are presumably told to “prune” trees:

[Click each one for a bigger version]

Where in UAE


Asian migrant labour in the Gulf

This ad, on display at the IAA 2006 conference in Dubai, really says it all:

The solution to all our traffic problems!

Dubai has finally realized that it is in desperate need of a mass transit system. The increasing traffic jams add not only to the frustration of commuters, but is also the main cause of accidents.

Many suggestions have been made from time to time to address the traffic issues, however, the general public was always too skeptical about any plan to be implemented.

Finally, UAE government has announced implementation of multiple projects which, put together, will ease the noose on the traffic issue.

The projects include: Mass Transit Driverless Train system; Expansion of Garhoud Bridge; Dubai-Sharjah Expressway, and Overhauling of Dubai roads.

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UAE, Saudi considering to move reserves out of dollar

WASHINGTON — A number of Middle Eastern central banks said on Tuesday they would seek to switch reserves from the US greenback to euros.

The United Arab Emirates said it was considering moving one-tenth of its dollar reserves to the euro, while the governor of the Saudi Arabian central bank condemned the decision by the United States to force Dubai Ports World to transfer its ownership to a ‘US entity,’ the UK Independent reported.

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Red Bull Air Race


This weekend, experience the most adrenaline gushing sport at Abu Dhabi Corniche.

The Red Bull Air Race 2006 championship is coming to town and is going to test the most accomplished pilots in the world!

There ain’t any entry charges I suppose, are there?



Talk about representing and catering to a specific type of clientele….I love the name of this shop!

Dubai International Boat Show

Dates: 14 – 18 March 2006
Venue: Dubai International Marine Club, (Mina Seyahi)
Opening Times: 15.00 – 21.30

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Do you view Dubai as your home or is it a place to make and save money?

According to Gulf News, 42.28% say “It’s my home”, while 57.71% think “I’m here to save money”.

What’s your opinion?

Some points to ponder:
1. The official inflation rate for the UAE last year was 4.1 per cent. Non-governmental sources quote hyper inflationary levels in Dubai of 25 to 40 per cent!
2. Rent rose by up to 50 per cent last year according to the National Bank of Dubai. A recent survey showed that the total cost of educating a child in London to the age of 18 amounted to $81,750 compared to $146,000 in the UAE.

Excerpts and Good read!!

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