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Sharjah jolts

Last night, around 1:30am, Sharjah experienced a minor earthquake. Although no newspaper has covered the story till now, it is the topic of discussion at all workplaces and households this morning.

I myself did not feel the jolts, but my wife insisted that they were pretty apparent.

Anybody else felt the incident? I have no reports of any jolt in Dubai.

Whale in Marina

A whale shark was spotted in Dubai Marina yesterday. The creature was around 5 meters long and roamed the area for about 4 hours.

What weird things this place has to offer!!!

Subsequent to Zain’s comment, I’m posting this pic of the whale that Gulf News published.


Road Nightmares

Travelling in Dubai is becomming more and more of a nightmare lately, and dumb drivers are not helping much. Dubai Sharjah Traffic for backed up for 4-5 hours this evening. I woldn’t say more as they say a picture speaks a thousand words. The picture is not very good quality as all i had was my Imate.



Dubai Summer Surprises


Dubai Summer Surprises is held between 21st June to 1st September. Many events are featured during this time. Below is a summary of some of such events:

Ice Surprises: 21 – 28 June 2006

Art Surprises: 29 June – 05 July 2006

Food Surprises: 06 – 12 July 2006

Adventure Surprises: 13 – 19 July 2006

Cartoon Surprises: 20 – 26 July 2006

Nature Surprises: 27 July – 02 August 2006

Knowledge Surprises: 03 – 09 August 2006

Flower Surprises: 10 – 16 August 2006

Heritage Surprises: 17 – 23 August 2006

Back to School Surprises: 24 August – 01 September 2006

Get ready for a 2 months of celebrations around the city. The tourism department has already started decorating the town with colorful flag and huge mascots placed at major road networks.

World Cup viewing

The World Cup mania seem to have taken Dubai by storm. Almost every club, hotel and bars are showing the matches on huge screens with an ambience that mirrors that of the stadiums. You can even see team flags painted on the faces of the fans.

In UAE, the world cup is being broadcasted only on 1 channel, which is charging a premium for showing the matches. This makes the fans want to rush to their favorite venues and watch the matches in groups. The effect is awesome!

One of the particularly popular is the World Cup Fan Park, at the Trade Center exhibition halls. It has a cinema size screen with seatings just like a stadium. You can get refreshments from stalls or from stand-guys roaming around with drink-trays hanging from their necks.

Upon a goal, the whole arena is roaring with cheers and moans from both the teams’ supporters.

No matter where you go, the spirit is universal. Dubai people have found an exciting and indulging reason to stay out till late night everyday.

Do try and visit these places. The security implemented ensures that you can enjoy with your family!

Goodbye Mr Chips

Here’s a sad story: a low-cost school for poorer, mainly Pakistani children in the UAE is getting a makeover, but at a huge cost. The Modern Pakistani School is reinventing itself as an Australian curriculum school, but as a result, fees are likely to increase from Dh100-200 to over Dh1,000 a month.

It’s likely there are a lot of expat children in the UAE not attending school, because their parents are too poor. Technically you are not allowed to have your family/children with you, unless you can afford it. You have to earn at least around Dh3,000 a month. But with rents, health costs and school fees continuing to escalate, that figure is no longer realistic.

Dubai satellite imagery

Google Earth has just gone through a major update, and now presents Dubai in living color, clearer than ever before! do check it out.

Man stuns motorists on Shaikh Zayed Road

Motorists on Shaikh Zayed Road were yesterday stunned to see a nearly naked man walking in the middle of the road. Dubai Police detained the UAE national.

They said the man is mentally unstable and are trying to locate his family.

Source: Gulf News

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