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Tips to navigate through Traffic Jams

Well, schools are opening, people are back from vacations, and hell is loose once again on the roads of Dubai and linking emirates. Since last week, if you want to get to work on time, you will have to subtract another half hour from your departure time from home. Some easy ways of navigation help to navigate through traffic and should help you squeeze your way to work in time:

1. Identify chronic bottle-neck areas and try to avoid them by taking linking routes.
2. If you’re thinking of changing lanes, make sure you gain a pace of atleast 2 cars by doing so. Mostly, we see a lane progessing and move to that lane but the next minute, we’re even behind the spot where we were.
3. If you know totally alternative routes, time them! There would be days when particular routes are most efficient.
4. Try and avoid getting stuck in a ‘mesh’ of traffic (where you have no choice but to keep following the same lane).
5. Some ‘usual’ routes are good to avoid – for example: People usually take the Al-Mullah underpass while entering Dubai. Trust me, it is ALWAYS better to take the signal unless the underpass is totally free-flowing.
6. Identify patches of lane that are slow or fast. Every lane, during the course of a route, will have patches where it will either speed up, or be entirely blocked. They mostly follow a pattern over particular days. All you need to do is to switch to the correct lane on time and you’re home free!
7. Once you catch up speed, or get to a less-crowded patch of the road, watch out for “boxed” formations. Avoiding boxes and looking for “zip” spaces to overtake multiple cars at a time will definitely help.

These simple, yet effective ways might take a couple of days or weeks to get used to, but they really help in the long run.

Tiny gold balls found scattered on city roadside!

The Dubai streets turned to gold yesterday morning!

Hundreds thronged to collect what appeared to be tiny gold balls scattered by the roadside behind Al Baraha Hospital in Deira yesterday morning.

The news sent a frenzy of people rushing to collect as many golden balls as possible.

Later in the day, Dubai police personnel reached the spot and asked the people to disperse.

Anybody came across the incident?

Glorious Dubai

Or not quite so glorious now, given the heat and dust. Anyone wanting bluer skies should visit in late autumn/early winter.

Lions in an apartment!

Gulf News has posted this article today on lion cubs being kept as pets in a one-bedroom apartment.

Five lion cubs and a cheetah are being kept in a family flat in the northern emirates until they get moved to a farm.

According to the owner, the animals have been brought in from Africa and Oman and will only spend two weeks in the residential one bedroom home until they are relocated to a bigger space on a private farm.

The flat houses at least five lions two males and three lionesses, one cheetah; a number of turtles and according to neighbours a hyena has also been spotted. The animals have keepers with them 24 hours a day.

The lions are all together in one room. Two lions are usually kept inside individual cages and two other lionesses are attached to the outside of the cage, while the youngest is left to walk freely around the flat. A cheetah was seen by Gulf News in a separate cage in the same room.

The lions eat a lot and get very hungry. The owner said he feeds them one sheep everyday.

The question is: Why isnt the authorities doing anything about it? How can wild cats be allowed as a pet??


Dubai Train

Just got this in a forwarded mail:






Dubai prepares to increase its crude exports

Dubai has just negotiated the creation of a new entity by the government to take control of its offshore oil resources from Dubai Petroleum Co, which is wholly-owned by US oil giant ConocoPhillips since 1960s.

According to industry sources, Dubai has two billion barrels of oil reserves, and the daily production does not exceed 90,000 barrels. This should increase with the planned increase in production, utilising new methods of production by introducing what is termed as the Enhanced Oil Recovery process, which entails injection of steam and gas into the fields.

Hopefully, this should have an affect on the economy and on the oil prices within the country as well.

Read the full article:

Dubai Photo Tour – True Dubai

Dubai is truly a facinating place, people from all over the world flock to Dubai to see what a wonder it really is. Every one has something different to say about Dubai but if you cant visit Dubai in person there is now a wonderful site made by Jessica Franz & Stefan Zwanzger, which has pictures from all over Dubai. According to the site,

We noticed that most of the people have a completely wrong impression of the city of Dubai. Visitors and arriving expats connect it with Burj Al Arab pictures shot from every possible angle.

But Dubai is so much more than a tourist destination at the beach: it is the biggest construction zone of the world, an awesome human experiment of forced urbanization and will be host of the biggest man (pakistani) made world records in 2008.

Enjoy our photo series of July 2006 – the most completed and passionated picture guide of Dubai ever created featuring more than 1000 assorted pictures!

Go check it out at :

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