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Al Ain Aerobatics show

The 2007 Al Ain aerobatics show commenced from 26th to 30th January. The event is an extravaganza of outstanding aerobatics and stunt flying by some of the world’s best pilots, including a stunt flying team of the famous Red Arrow. The show lasts between 12 noon to 6 evening, and includes an array of displays and stalls that will keep you involved throughout the day. Some of the highlights include display of remote control aircrafts, and an amazing flying routine form “OTTO” the helicopter.
The complete details of the show can be found at

It is sure to be a memorable day for anyone visiting.

‘Water-buses’ for Dubai Creek

July is said to be the month when the new ‘water-buses’ start to operate on Dubai Creek. The Creek is an inlet of the Arabian Gulf which runs through the centre of the city and around which the original settlement which became Dubai was built.

I was a little concerned when they were announced because it sounded as though their design would be very modern, and because of the historical nature of the Creek that would have been a shame.

However the city’s Roads & Transport Authority has just released illustrations of the design and they’ve come up with a pretty good compromise in my opinion.


Beautiful landscaping.

One of the things done very well in Dubai is the landscaping in many of the streets. It’s a harsh desert environment so greenery and water feature prominently, but flowers are being used more and more.


This is one of the main roads, Al Wasl Road, running parallel to the coast from the outskirts of the city through residential areas to ‘New Dubai’. Date palms are obviously a feature, being native to the area, but the other plants, and the grass, certainly aren’t.

More on Burj Dubai

I had to drive fairly near to Burj Dubai this morning, remembered to take my wife’s little digital camera with me and took a shot to show how it looks at the moment. At just over 100 floors it’s a little over half the height it will be when it’s finished. The exact height is being kept a secret but estimates say it will be somewhere between 180 and 200 floors.


Burj Dubai


Soon to be the world’s tallest tower, currently just over 100 floors and rising fast.

Burj Dubai passes 100 floors.

Planned to be the world’s tallest building when it’s complete, Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) has passed 100 floors.

Demonstrating the amazing speed with which towers rise here, the building goes up a floor every four days. You really can see it growing taller each time you drive past, it’s quite amazing.

Sears Tower in Chicago (110 floors), Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea (105), Empire State Building, New York (102), Taipei 101 (101) and John Hancock Centre, Chicago (100) are the only other structures in the world that are currently at 100 storeys or more.

Fire tragedy in Dubai skyscraper

At least one person is feared dead after being seen falling off a burning skyscraper, under construction at Dubai’s Jumeirah Lake Towers, according to Gulf News.

The fire has made international headlines and there are fears of more fatalities:

Several dozen workers could be seen on the upper, unfinished floors of the building, trapped by the flames, some waving what appeared to be towels and holding onto the scaffolding. A helicopter has been unable to land on the roof to rescue the men.

Body of worker stuck under rubble

I heard this over the news on radio on my way to work……Gulf News has also published it in today’s issue:

The body of a Pakistani plumber killed in a construction site accident on Tuesday is still beneath the rubble.

A police official said salvage operations are ongoing, but it is a tricky situation. The accident occurred near the Academic City when the roof of the second floor of a parking lot under construction caved in as fresh concrete was being poured over it.

Inayathul Haq, 26, and four other workers were taking their afternoon nap when the accident happened. The four others escaped with minor injuries and were treated at Rashid hospital.

Work at the construction site stopped yesterday. Dubai Municipality has launched an investigation into the accident.

Building burjes

One of Dubai’s most bizarre new projects is the Burj Al Arabi, a skyscraper shaped like a local Emirati man. Following this theme, UAE blogger moryati came up with several alternatives to fit into the Dubai skyline, click here to see them all.

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