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Water contaminated

Beach alongside Dubai Offshore Sailing Club has been contaminated with sewage dumping into it.

Those going to swin in and around the place should take care of not going into water.

Festival City Intercon

Intercon - Festival City Dubai

Intercon - Festival City Dubai

With a panoramic view overlooking Dubai Creek, the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City is an attraction for tourists looking for accommodation that is close to everything. From Dubai International Airport, it will take 10 minutes to reach the hotel, which is located within a billion dollar project including the relatively recent Festival Centre.

There is nothing particularly special about the lobby design except for the warm atmosphere, but registration is done fast so you won’t spend much time there.

Elegant design
Contrary to that, rooms in the Intercontinental have a very elegant design with a combination of wooden, white and brown colours that complement the atmosphere given by the Creek view and the skyline outside.

Beds are made of light brown leather, facing a 42′ plasma TV screen, with CD, DVD and VCD connections. A dark brown round table is located to the right of the bed, designed to be used for dining and office use as well.

Loved the bathroom, which is almost half the size of the room. It includes a splash area and a wet zone incorporating a shower and free standing bathtub, with a large window in the middle of the wall, opening to the Creek and Marina walk.

Intercontinental club room that enabled us access to free internet, buffet breakfast and afternoon drinks and snacks between 6:00pm and 8:00pm in the club lounge located on the 26th floor. Free access to high speed broadband internet is also available in the room and in all public areas in the hotel as well.

Spread over 36 floors, the hotel contains 498 rooms, 121 suites, 3 presidential suites and a royal suite. All rooms have a waterfront view of Dubai Creek or the Festival Marina.

Multi-ethnic menu
Dining in is a multi-ethnic food experience. The all-day dining Anise is a 950sqm restaurant designed by Super Potato, with live cooking stations around the restaurant offering a wide variety of international meals.

Sushi lovers will have a date with the Japanese Edamame, which offers also traditional dishes including the Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Robatayaki, and Tempura.

Also, for an Arabic experience there is the Al Sultan Brahim Beirut, one of the most highly recognised sea food restaurants in Lebanon. Operating for the first time in Dubai, Al Sultan Brahim offers a variety of seafood on display, where the guests can choose their preferred kinds of fish and other foods to be cooked for them.

And if you’re looking for a relaxing evening, head towards The Eclipse Bar on the 26th floor, to enjoy the view of the harbour and city skyline over a soothing drink.

Spa indulgence
Spa Intercontinental is a luxury that you don’t want to miss. The spa atmosphere emits warmth from the moment you get in. Upon arrival, the receptionist will lead you to the waiting area where you will enjoy ginger and lemon tea, before the treatment starts.

The spa has 10 treatment rooms, in addition to a VIP spa with a private sauna and steam shower. Also available are two VIP massage rooms for couples.

Try – Jasmine Rosewood Body Pack, a two-phase body treatment that embraces scrubbing the body with a lemon detoxifier, after which the body is massaged by a mixture of creamy jasmine, rosewood and mango butter.

You can also go for more focused treatments such as the facial therapies that use the high-profile Natura Bisee products, the hand and foot care, or the one and a half hour massage therapies. Rates for these therapies vary according to the products used and duration, but it starts at Dhs200 and goes up to Dhs950.

Relaxation, however, doesn’t stop here as guests have the choice of visiting the 25 meter swimming pool overlooking Creek, a sun terrace and leisure garden, the gym, and a temperature controlled outdoor spa pool.

Business travellers will benefit from a meeting space of 3,800 sqm Event Centre across two levels of the hotel. The hotel is also prepared to provide additional meeting space that can be divided into eight break-out rooms catering to smaller VIP board meetings, up to a reception style banquet catering up to 1,800 guests

Alone & Away from Home

Live Positive Think Positive

How you look at life is a matter of choice. Say hello to positive living with these steps

An increasing number of people in the UAE are seeking advice from certified hypnotherapists to get to the bottom of many problems such as negative thoughts and feelings.

Hypnosis – believed to have been around for thousands of years – refers to a state of focused consciousness. It is described as a process where one can hear what is happening but may not want to move, leaving one in a highly suggestible state.

You can be guided into this state by a hypnotherapist who will also give you “hypnotic suggestions”.

Safiya and M.R. Hussain, a married couple who run the Orators’ Forum Institute for Human Development and Behavioural Therapy in Dubai, say such suggestions enable people to make desired changes in their life.

Hussain said some of the most widespread reasons for negative thoughts in the UAE are related to events that have caused psychological traumas, marital problems, addictions and low self-esteem.

“Hypnosis is such a normal state of mind most people usually don’t even realise they are hypnotised,” Hussain said.
“Normal, everyday hypnosis occurs when you are driving and lose track of time or when you are focusing on a book or TV programme and you don’t notice something that is going on around you.”

Eliminate negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with positive thinking by following these simple steps recommended by Safiya and Hussain:

Step 1
Try to see every problem as a challenge, and an opportunity to improve yourself. Remember, only you are capable of changing yourself, not anyone else.

The outside world will be what it is, so try to see it through a positive lens as much as you can.

Step 2
Have a contagious enthusiasm — it not only means you generate positive energy but also acquire a positive mental attitude.

Move in the company of positive-minded people. Try to stick to the changes you make.

Find out the real cause of your negative feelings and thoughts through hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, which can help you forgive at a subconscious level.

Step 3
A positive mental attitude will automatically raise your self-esteem and self-confidence, which equip you with the skills necessary to better your life.

“When you have a positive mental attitude, your physiology changes. You walk three inches taller. You will project a better image and speak with astounding impact,” Hussain said.

Step 4
Each time you leave your house — whether it is to work or to go on a trip — remember to take your positive attitude with you (along with your cellphone and laptop, of course).

Avoid those who display negative energy, as they can hold you back or drain you. If that happens, try to identify them to either help or just accept the way such people are.

Step 5

Try to stop using words such as “don’t”, “but”, “if” and “why”.

Replace these words with positive words such as “remember”, “and”, “when” and “what if”.

When you are at home, separate rooms for various self-reflection purposes such as worry, self-development and hypno-coaching.

Causes in the UAE

The most common reasons that make people in the UAE experience negative emotions are:

* Shyness caused by low self-esteem. This results in inferiority complex, social phobia and fear of public speaking.
* Sexual dysfunction.
* Marital problems.
* Poor self-image, caused by obesity or anorexia, among other reasons
* Addictions such as smoking and alcoholism.
* Compulsions – OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and/or Perfectionism.
* Feelings of anger and hatred. Jealousy, resentment, revenge, criticism or being judgmental or fearing being judged, fear, doubt or superstition.
* Psychological trauma such as childhood abuse.
* Anxiety, in the form of poor concentration, test anxiety and examination phobia.

Avoid them

Pent-up negative emotions are believed to cause conditions such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. Here are other traits that can affect, too:

* Not having a pleasing personality.
* Lack of self-discipline.
* Lacking enthusiasm.
* Not learning from defeat or failure.
* Not maintaining good health.
* Inability to control bad habits.
* Procrastination.
* Blaming others.
* Not having motives or goals.
* Stress.

Healthy steps
Control your life better by following these simple guidelines:

* Have a daily exercise routine.
* Practise self-hypnosis regularly.
* Flush out negative thought patterns from your subconscious.
* Use positive language patterns
* Feed your subconscious with positive affirmations.

Case of Missing Expat

Missing South African woman Kerry Winter is dead

The 1st case of 2008 of a Missing Expat woman – Murdered by the Boy Friend.

Illicit physical relationships have grown very common in UAE specially in the Modern Developed Dubai, the Expats practice Living together life style, despite law of the land despise, detest and BAN such relationship status.

The main suspect in the Kerry Winter case has told police that she was dead in the car while with him but has not confessed to murdering her, Gulf News has learned.

The police are continuing to look for the body. as if it is not a human body it is a needle in haystack.

The 35-year-old woman was last seen on August 20.

Authorities have “crimnally” declined to comment as the investigations are underway.

It would not be unusual before the Dubai police put up a hush hush on this murder and do all the proceedings quietly without bringing the trail & its details to the media.

The Killer another expat shall be made an example of justice & punishment according to the law of land.

Malaysian Tradition Every Friday during Ramadan

For the first time, the Malaysian expatriates in Dubai are experiencing something truly Malaysian this Ramadan — the Ramadan Bazaar where home-made cuisine is available in a homely environment.

The Ramadan Bazaar opened on September 5 in a villa of rented by Malaysian Consul-General Syed Mohamad Hasrin Tengku Hussin. The bazaar is held every Friday.

A total of 14 stalls offer a wide array of mouth-watering dishes— food that is normally served within the confines of Malaysian homes.

Consul-General Syed said that the event will continue until Ramadan ends, something that every Malaysian family looks forward to every Friday.

Nine families came up with new dishes on the second Friday of the bazaar, ranging from bubur jagung, bubur lambuk and murtabak ayam, ikan celup tepung, ayam goreng to simple favourites like nasi lemak, mehoon sup utaraf and sup tulang pok nik.

-Credit Malaysian Consulate Press Section –

Outgoing President & Incoming President of Pakistan

Out Going Mian Mohammed Somroo

Outgoing President

Outgoing President


Mohammed mian Soomro

Mr. Mohammed mian Soomro was born on August19, 1950 and earned a B.Sc. degree with distinction from the Forman Christian College, Lahore. He obtained Master’s in Physics from the Punjab University, Lahore, followed by another Master’s in Operations Management from the Northrop University, USA.

Northrop University

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Northrop University was founded in 1942 by Jack Northrop of Northrop Aviation. Originally named the Northrop Aeronautical Institute, the school opened for classes in June of 1946 to 412 students committed to and/or already employed by Northrop Aviation. The school was founded by Jack Northrop for the purpose of training aeronautical engineers and mechanics.

Due to financial difficulties the school became independent from the Northrop Aircraft corporation in 1953 and the name of the school changed to The Northrop Institute of Technology. Unfortunately, the fate of the university did not fare much better and again closed its doors in 1970.

In 1971, the University again opened its doors and as Northrop University. Administered by previous alumni and faculty, the University offered bachelors and masters degree programs in aeronautical sciences, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science and design engineering project management. In 1975 the school received a large donation from its original founder to build the American Hall of Aviation. The museum enjoyed great notoriety from its housing of the David D. Hatfield collection of aviation history; by far the largest collection of aviation history to ever be displayed at any one location.

In August of 1993, Northrop University closed its doors to the public. Mismanaged funds, decreased attendance and donations crippled the university in to bankruptcy. The universities door remain closed today though the campus still exists in Inglewood, California.

INCOMING Asif Ali Zardari

Widower of Benazir Bhutto

Widower of Benazir Bhutto


A – He is Widower to former Chairperson Benazir Bhutto Daughter of Founder of Pakistan People’s Party Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

B – Future President

Zardari ready to take reins in Pakistan

Published Date: 16 March 2008

By Jane Perlez, in Islamabad

In the early 1970s, Zardari went to London. There, Zardari said in the interview, he attended the London School of Business Studies and received a degree. His official biography says he attended a commercial college called Pedinton School. But a search of tertiary educational institutions in London showed no such school, and associates said he did not finish his studies.

Zardari said: “I do have a degree. That is not an issue. I attended the London School of Business Studies much before I was married. I think it’s a B Ed degree. I haven’t really looked at it.”

One has yet to come across a person who is not sure what his degree was in. He hasn’t even bothered to look at it. With a B Ed the new President could do for school education what Prof Ataur Rahman did for higher education – ruin it further! [this is not part of the Perlez text]

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