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Communities uniting to clean-up and conserve the environment

Schoolchildren from primary to high school with plastic gloves and sporting white caps an aprons with “Clean up campaign” printed in bold joined 22,000 volunteers in the biggest clean-up campaign, launched on Tuesday at Mamzar Park.
It is the largest volunteer clean-up drive in the country in terms of participation and waste collection.

Wednesday’s activities, to be held at Al Mamzar area, will include volunteers from government educational institutions. The programme will include distribution of litter bins at schools, an abandoned vehicles removal campaign in coordination with the operations unit, and honouring participants and distribution of certificates and souvenirs.

On Thursday, volunteers from private schools, colleges, and universities will participate in the clean-up programme at Al Sufooh. Also on this day, a competition will be held on can collection for private schools, in addition to undertaking pest control activities, workshops on pest at all waste bins in coordination with the operations unit and honouring participants and distribution of certificates and souvenirs.

Friday, the last day of the campaign, will see thousands of volunteers from the general public including private company staff, NGOs, community groups and private entities joining hands in cleaning up the Nad Al Sheba Area

Technology – GITEX 2009

Gitex 2009 opened at WTC, & airport exhibition centres.

The Visitor turnout is not as expected, however it was decalred that the sale is at PAR in comparison to 2008.

Etisalat today unveiled its first self-branded mobile device. The company is aiming the Etisalat 211 FM at its price-conscious customers, who can purchase the device bundled for as low as Dhs265. Etisalat has also bundled the device with a Wasel SIM card along with Dhs165 of free airtime credit for international calls, over a period of 3 months

Misery in Dubai – GCC

Dubai specific & GCC in general is not the easiest place to live, yet many like me have spent the best years of our adult life here – away from our families back home.

This is more out of compulsion than choice. If I had to leave, I would have to do so now, without thinking – because if I bring logic and reason in to the equation, I will never leave.

I’m not looking for your sympathy, but here’s your answer anyway – I know you have been dying to know why I’m still here. I know people back home would gladly swap places with me.

– The words of a common white collar worker in Dubai –

The place suck blood, youth, vigor & peace from age bracket 25 to 45, and at the end of bone rashes you are still an EXPATRIATE., compelled to go back home because employer does not wish to extend your visa and someone full of youth is ready to take your place.

If an edcuated white collar law abiding human live & work in any Developed country of the world for 5 plus years, he is awarded with citizenship and rights equal to born citizen,

whereas UAE & GCC as whole lack this humanitarian value.

– above is quoted from data compiled after doing a chit chat for over 2 years from office workers from multinational Free zone companies to local LLCs .

Real Estate – Cityscape 2009

Some of the projects touted in the Dubai property market during the boom years showed that the developers behind the schemes had ‘lost touch with reality, and clearly lost touch with the cost and value aspect of the development’. ‘It got to a point where crazy projects were coming up, and people thought that the only way to keep up was to announce an even crazier one. There was no longer any concept of tracking the cost or sustainability of a development versus the returns…Not every project can be the ‘biggest’ and ‘the best’.’
A new report on the state of Dubai’s property sector as the market enters the fourth quarter of 2009 has found that all facets remained in the downward phase of the cycle, with prices and rentals likely to continue falling over the rest of the year

Underage without Licence to DRIVE

Teenage Emiriti brothers killed in gruesome vehicle collision.

3 boys & two cars – 2 brothers and one solo – solo landed in hospital, brothers died at the scene.

Parents of 3 shall be prosecuted for gross negligence and their licence be black pointed.

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