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A Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) official said they weren’t aware of the tunnel which links Downtown Burj Khalifa to Al Mafraq Road and bypasses heavy Dubai Mall traffic congestion on Financial Centre Road (formerly Doha Road).

“We may have announced this already, but I’m not aware of it,” said the official. “It sounds like it will save drivers a lot of time.”

The official couldn’t say when the tunnel had actually opened.

Tunnel Location

Tunnel Location

4 lanes

4 lanes

“On busy traffic days, it can take a lot of time to go from Shaikh Zayed Road past Dubai Mall and down the road behind (Al Mafraq Road) to get to Dubai Exhibition Centre,” he said. “There is so much traffic at the [Dubai] Mall. This tunnel has made life much easier.”

Confidence rebuilding

Once again the Dynamic son of soil have stepped forward and invited the back bone of govt to his residence,  revitalizing their confidence & trust in the mecahnism and system in UAE.

HRH Shaikh Mohammed Ruler of Dubai Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE invited the Government Office’s Directors Managers and Officers on wednesday to Zabeel Palace

Following is quoted via WAM

Senior officials were urged on Wednesday to prepare for new challenges and shun “the distortions that don’t reflect the reality on the ground”.

“You have to keep working hard and learn from your mistakes,” His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, was quoted by WAM as telling officials and directors of local government bodies and institutions during a meeting at his palace in Zabeel.

“Those who work hard would naturally make mistakes; I want you to work hard for your country even if you make mistakes,” he added.

Open Competition

The 2 of telecom service providers are now open to compete without prior approvals from Govt authorities.

Means, healthy compteition and users benefits from it at maximum.

readers please keep your eyes and ears open and stay tuned to this blog for update on this.

It is expected that there will be sizeable cut down on tariffs soon

New Visa Policy

Visas for visit, transit and tourism are valid only for a single entry into the UAE, said a senior official at the Ministry of Interior, adding that visitors cannot return using the same permit even after a trip to a neighbouring country.

Major General Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri, Director-General of the Dubai General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs, said in a statment “A visitor needs to get a new entry permit to re-enter the country once he or she leaves the country for any destination. The new entry permit will be issued only after one month from the date the visitor leaves the UAE.”

Major General Al Merri was responding to a question about visitors who face difficulties in returning to the UAE after a short sightseeing trip to Oman or after leaving in a hurry for a meeting in Bahrain.

They cannot re-enter the UAE immediately since a new visa will be issued only after a gap of at least one month.

The rule applies even if the visitors leave the country before the expiry of their entry permits, he said. “They have to wait for one month before applying for another entry permit.”

Major General Al Merri said this happens to some people who arrive on tourist or visit visas to see family or friends or visit the country as tourists.

“They stay here for few days and then decide to go to Oman, Bahrain or any nearby country. These people believe they can return to the UAE using the same entry permit as they stayed here only for a few days.

“They think the entry permit is still valid since they did not use it till the expiry date,” he said.

Major General Al Merri said the department, however, could take into consideration any exceptional circumstances pertaining to a particular visitor. But such a decision is taken on case-by-case basis.

“We want to make it easy and enjoyable for people who want to visit our country. But they should adhere to the rules,” he said.

Jaywalkers & Fatal accidents

Jay walkers are real trouble for motorist all over Dubai., in crowded areas problem may not be an issue but over a regular thorough fare it is always a disaster, people jump the road in either direction cross the median and walk away. Lately the Abu Dhabi police patrol took stern action and arrested Jay walkers., warned with there IDs / Pataka number registered under jaywalker offence n released after a warning. The repeated offenders were fined AED 100 and in some cases AED 200.

It is strongly recommended that the Dubai & Sharjah police also act against Jaywalkers, for their own safety.

One life destroyed, means One family destroyed.



I grew up in a world of luxury, all the while not seeing what was engraved on the other side of the coin.

A year ago, I came to know of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). I remember the first meeting very vividly. I stood in the middle of the lounge, looking around, not believing that I would ever be involved in such a noble cause.

The PCRF invites wounded children from Palestine for medical care in Dubai. Due to the countless efforts of the members and the selfless acts of the PCRF volunteers, every single child that came to the UAE, returned with a wide smile on his or her face.

the credit of this article to a student of American School in Dubai – Aymen Abdel Jaber Gulf News – published in Gulfnews

Reviving to Live & Survive in Dubai

Emiratis working for the federal Government will receive a 70 per cent rise in their basic salary.

Dec 2009 announcement means the basic monthly salary of ministerial undersecretaries, who are at the highest grade of federal government positions, will increase from Dh31,250 (US$8,500) to Dh53,125. The lowest-grade government workers will see their basic pay rise from Dh1,175 to Dh2,000.


The scale also applies to jobs at bodies under the jurisdiction of the federal Government, including nurses and doctors in Ministry of Health hospitals, and teachers in state schools. The new levels do not apply to expatriates working in the same roles.

The announcement of the move, revealed in the Government’s official gazette, is an amendment to legislation passed last year and was made by the ministerial Cabinet headed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. It will also mean higher retirement benefits for workers.


“The longer you’re in service, the higher your pay raise,” Obiousbly

Expatriates & private sector employees have to wait for such an announcement. – 

The event of 2010 – in UAE

Jan 04 2010 4th accession anniversary of Shaikh Mohammed & Opening of Burj Dubai marked the expression of Gratitude Dubai extended to (HRH) The President of UAE & Ruler of Abu Dhabi Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed.

Thank you Shaikh Khalifa – Thank you Shaikh Mohammed

Burj Dubai is renamed as Burj Khalifa

[youtube] [/youtube]

End of Free (unlimited time) Parking

Overheard at a social meeting for the parking at malls,
“Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Centre conducting free trial period of their parking management system since 3 weeks to ensure that customers understand the plan before the system actually starts from Jan.08

Starting on Jan.08, visitors to Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Centre will be provided with three hours’ free parking on weekdays and fours hours at the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). For customers wanting to watch a movie, an extra free hour will be provided on both weekdays and weekends.”

For all CineStar customers, the Free parking will be extended for an extra 1 hour. So basically you get 4 hours on weekdays for FREE and 5 hours on a weekend for FREE.

Just don’t forget to VALIDATE your parking ticket at the ticket box.

Burjaaman Centre is already practising charged parking, Free only if Parking voucher is stamped by customer service upon proof of purchase. 
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