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Dirtier than a toilet! – Its your Mobile Phone

Study finds handsets contain 18 times more living bacteria than a flush on a men’s toilet.

It harbours 18 times more living bacteria than a flush on a men’s toilet, according to a research conducted by ‘Which?’ magazine.

A hygiene expert analysed 30 handsets for the study found seven had warning or high levels of environmental bacteria, reports Daily Mail.

One harboured levels of bacteria, including faecal coliforms, high enough to give its user a serious stomach upset.

Hygiene expert Jim Francis told Which?: “The levels of potentially harmful bacteria on one mobile were off the scale. That phone needs sterilising.”

The tests showed how easily bacteria could linger on the surface of a phone, which could be passed on to other people if they held the handset to look at photos or other applications.

Which? advises that phones can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe.

Ramadan & Restriction

IN UAE Ramadan will be starting from August 12 2010.

Dubai Municipality is to reportedly banned shisha smoking in Ramadan tents as part of a health and safety drive.

According to a report in UAE daily newspaper , fines will range from Dh1,000 for smoking in a tent to Dh50,000 for setting up a tent without proper permission.

Both cigarettes and shisha will be banned inside private tents, but hotels setting up more elaborate tents during the Holy Month will be able to apply for special permits to serve shisha, the report said.
The rules were introduced following a fire in a wedding tent in Kuwait that killed 57 women and children last August.

Rules of Bankruptcy

The Dubai Cassation Court has issued a principle stating that failure to pay one commercial debt is sufficient to declare a company bankrupt.

The law also allows the creditor of a limited liability company to ask the court to declare a company bankrupt if it fails to pay a mature debt.  The court has based the principle on the Commercial Transactions Law, which states that to declare a company bankrupt, failing to pay a number of commercial loans is not the provision, but failing to pay only one debt is sufficient as it implies a shaky financial status.

Street Crime on Rise

Gold chain snatchers and daylight robbers are haunting women, pedestrians and shop owners in residential pockets of Sharjah.

The latest crime occurred on Monday afternoon in front of a gold jeweller in the busy Rolla Square area. An expatriate women’s gold chain was snatched away in broad daylight while she walked down Rolla Street.
Sharjah Police have warned people to not exhibit valuables like ornaments or cash in public as there are many desperate people around, especially because unemployment has risen during the economic crisis.
“The number of house breaks, thefts from shops and petty crimes by distressed people are on the increase. We have also seen an increase in the number of theft in residential buildings, shops and even the public areas. We have deployed more officials and detectives to keep a watch on such criminals,” the spokesperson said.
Earlier media reports suggest a crime happens in Sharjah every 26 minutes, compared to a daily average of 60 crimes in 2008
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