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Hub of Fools – Greedy traders

In a survey conducted, spreaded over 18 months of  efforts it is a shocking revelation that DUBAI has become HUB of INEPT Greedy businessman who can be lured into any SCAM without considerable effort.

Be it import of cars from the Europe & USA, Precious Stones, Diamonds & Gems from India or GOLD from Africa.

In year 2009 over 10 Million US dollars had been swindled from Businesses in UAE alone – Swindlers comes from Europe USA & Indian Subcontinent with Attractive offers of goods, including TOP of the line cars, precious stones and Gold. Offers are made below the ongoing International price tag or in actual set by the OEM.

Dubai traders, assuming their BRIGHT CLEVER NESS with thick credit line available from Banks sometime take trip to verify the stocks. and close the deals. Truth facts comes to light when actual consignments arrive UAE ports. Cars are damaged, not brand new, sometimes Test models were shipped, Gems & stones simply fake, Gold in shape of ONLY DUST.

Reasons unknown, but Dubai has proven to be heaven for CON & SCAM professionals. Nevertheless Dubai businesses have proved time & again as Inept Greedy traders  with no international negotiating and business skills.

 Read the current story of Fake Gold – HERE


‘Moutaa’, ‘Misyar’ or ‘confidential’ marriages


More than 20,000 marriages in the UAE are “misyar marriages”, according to a judge. He also pointed out that the men and women who choose such confidential marriages, are almost exclusively Arabs.

A misyar marriage is legal in the UAE. It is a contract under which the husband and wife give up several rights by their own free will, such as living together, equal division of nights between wives, the wife’s rights to housing, and maintenance money, and husband’s right of homekeeping and access etc.

Corruption @ RTA

An Emirati employee of RTA’s Traffic section has confessed to cancelling Dh1.187 million of traffic fines and pocketing Dh593,860 as bribes.

Between the period January 2, 2008 and February 19, 2009, 23-year-old SAA illegally used the passwords of three employees, authorised to log into the system, to cancel the fines from the database.

He cancelled fines of total value Dh1,187,720 for traffic violations including radar fines, jumping red signal, etc, of five accused identified as KSS, 23, an Emirati policeman at the airport; OIO, 24, an Emirati customs employee; NKR, 25, a jobless Omani; SJS, 37, Iranian, director of rent a car company; and FTM, 26, an Emirati officer at the Ministry of Interior.

SAA is accused of exploiting his position at the Control Technologies and using passwords of other employees without their knowledge to forge electronic documents.

Once he entered the system and deleated the fines at the back-end, he uploaded the changes on the website so that the individuals could check the status and pay him half the fine as bribe for his service.

The five people who paid SAA to have their fines revoked in the system are accused of bribing a public employee and face criminal charges for assissting SAA to commit the crime.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Acting Director of Dubai Police’s Traffic Department from the Fines Department, told an increasing number of motorists, who approached the department to settle their fines, have been complaining about preferential treatment as they found some others have had their fines cancelled.

Lt Col Al Mazroui testified before the Public Prosecution that he had confidentially ordered checking the records for cancelled fines for the past six months. He found 99 per cent of the cancelled fines were processed using the passwords of three employees – Zahra Al Elwi, Shahraban Abbas (both policewomen) and Yousef Al Fakki, policeman.

Apart from the computers of these three, SAA’s system and the one used by the receptionist at the Radar Section were used for the cancellation fines illegally.

Apparently the two poliewomen were away on a special assignment during the period and the policeman was on annual leave.

The two policewomen have denied any knowledge about fine cancellations. They, however, told Lt Col Al Mazroui, that they would sometimes assist SAA to enter information into the system. SAA also confirmed the statements of the two women cops, and added that he used to work on their systems after they had logged in.

However, on further questioning, SAA said: “I have seen them typing their passwords. They were very easy to memorise as their passwords matched their mobile numbers, which I know very well.”

He confessed to cancelling fines from his own system as well, but added that it was after seeking permission from the head of the section. But both the director and the deputy director of the Radar Section denied authorising SAA to cancel fines using the passwords of authorised employees.

SAA said Al Fakki would change the password regularly, but he would keenly observe and memorise the new password each time Al Fakki changed it.

SAA confessed to the charges first orally and then in writing.

SAA and SJS did not attend the hearing on Monday.

As the defence lawyers have asked the Dubai Criminal Court time to prepare their defence, the case has been adjourned until September 30.

Jobless Emirati on increase

The UAE has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Middle East but joblessness among its own citizens far exceeds the average given their preference for the public sector, (govt jobs) which have easy timings, carry more financial benefits and bring less work load.

“The UAE’s overall unemployment rate averaged around 4.2 per cent in 2009… but the rate was as high as 14 per cent among nationals,”

RIM in trouble – Bye Bye BlackBerry

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to suspend BlackBerry’s messenger and other services from October 11 has triggered fears among major mobile phone dealers in the capital that they could suffer heavy losses unless the decision is retracted under a possible agreement between the UAE service providers and the Canada-based device maker, Research in Motion.

Etisalat and du, the only service providers in the UAE, have more than 500,000 BlackBerry subscribers, who are kept guessing whether the two companies will retract their decision or push ahead with suspension of the service.

Fuel Prices UP again !

Fuel prices at petrol centres could go up by another 40 fils if the local distributors decide to bring them up to match international petrol prices and add their commission and marketing costs,

means adding up to cost of living and daily commuting.

Despite the fact that the local retailers have increased the price of petrol in the UAE by 35 fils since the beginning of the year, the retail price is still more than 20 fils cheaper than conventional regular petrol spot prices in Singapore,.

The basic grade of petrol costs Dh1.72 at local filling stations while refined petrol (Singapore) is available for around $2 a gallon (3.78 litres), which works out to Dh1.94 a litre

– again this blogger fail to understand as to what factors are involved in such hike for an oil producing country – doing a price comparison with non-opec countries & international pricing is not a firm reason to price hike  –

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