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Alarming Rise of GAYs in UAE

Being Gay MAY-BE an acceptable life style in Europe & US,. However a liberal insight of Islam & Muslim Dominated Arabian GULF such practices are NOT permitted, even in privacy of boundry if reported, it is a crime punishable to death.

But Dubai is hoodwinking, that., a crimnal negligance and moral apathy is on rise and Rulers of Dubai are not paying attention to it. Despite the fact that Intelligance (CID) is very strong and upright in cases of moral degrading.

an excerpt from personal visit of
Johann Hari.
There is one group in Dubai for whom the rhetoric of sudden freedom and liberation rings true – but it is the very group the government wanted to liberate least: gays.

Beneath a famous international hotel, I clamber down into possibly the only gay club on the Saudi Arabian peninsular. I find a United Nations of tank tops and bulging biceps, dancing to Kylie, dropping ecstasy, and partying like it’s Soho. “Dubai is the best place in the Muslim world for gays!” a 25-year old Emirati with spiked hair says, his arms wrapped around his 31-year old “husband”. “We are alive. We can meet. That is more than most Arab gays.”

It is illegal to be gay in Dubai, and punishable by ten years in prison. But it circulates online which is the latest unofficial gay club, and men flock here, seemingly unafraid of the police. “They might bust the club, but they will just disperse us,” one of them says. “The police have other things to do.”

In every large city, gay people find a way to find each other – but Dubai has become the clearing-house for the region’s gay people, a place where they can live in relative safety. Saleh, a lean Private in the Saudi Arabian army, has come here for the Coldplay concert, and tells me Dubai is “great” for gays: “In Saudi, it’s hard to be straight when you’re young. The women are shut away so everyone has gay sex. But they only want to have sex with boys – 15 to 21 year olds. I’m 27 so I’m too old now. I need to find real gays, so this is the best place. All Arab gays want to live in Dubai.”

With that, Saleh dances off across the dance-floor, towards a Dutch guy with big biceps and a big smile.

Hollywood comes to UAE

Czech Republic capital Prague was the venue of meeting between Tom Cruise & Officials of the Dubai Studio City, last week. An agreement is signed for shooting of Tom Cruise latest epic MI-4 planned for release in 2011
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The meeting comes ahead of the film crew’s move to Dubai, where 400 people including actors, cameramen, technicians, and stunt specialists will be landing in the emirate.

The crew will spend nearly three weeks in Dubai shooting major scenes for the fourth episode of Mission: Impossible.

The efforts of various government entities will combine to provide their support. Those included, but not limited to, are Dubai Police, Civil Defence, the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Air Wing, Health Authority, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Customs — all of which have agreed to cooperate in creating the right atmosphere for the shoot and to provide the necessary support to meet the needs of the crew in all phases of filming.

Dubai’s landscape features beautiful natural beaches and deserts, as well as some of the most impressive man-made attractions and mega projects like Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the Burj Al Arab hotel, the world’s only seven star hotel, and Meydan the largest horse racing track in the world

Gitex 2010 edition

Gitex Technology Week to be held from October 18-22 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Gitex Technology Week focuses on specific sectors including Gitex Business Solutions, Gulfcomms, and Consumer Electronics. Over 100,000 visitors are expected to visit the Gitex this year.

In addition, the Middle East International Banking, Financial Technology and Services Exhibition, MEFX, will also run alongside Gitex Technology Week.

Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, opened on Sunday the 30th edition of Gitex Technology Week, one of the world’s top three information and communication technology events, at the Dubai International Convention Centre.

The consumer electronics section has companies like Cisco, Edimax Technology, Panasonic, Sanyo and Sharaf Electronics.

“The Middle East remains one of the focus markets for Panasonic globally. At Gitex we will demonstrate our digital heath technology. This year, Panasonic has the biggest stand at Gitex, which emphasises the importance we place on the exhibition,” said Anthony Peter, Associate Director and Group General Manager for direct consumer communication and customer care at Panasonic.

Human Rights Violation –

In a daring human right violation move by the local airline, a blind passanger was declined to board his flight. He is an American national of Jordanian origin who travelled all the way from US to Dubai on another airline, and was booked onwards to Jordan., on a local gulf carrier.

A blind American Muslim traveller says a Dubai airline refused to allow him to fly because of his disability.

Zuhair Mahmoud said he was told by flydubai airline staff members that the carrier’s policies did not allow blind travellers to fly unless accompanied by someone else.

No wonder what Govt of UAE, UAE Civil Aviation have to come up with in this respect.

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