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Destination Dubai 31 12 2010


Dec 31 2010 will be a memorable evening, a farewell to 2010 & welcome 2011
Highest New Year’s Eve fireworks show for Dubai – Free entry for the public to spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Burj Khalifa; organisers promise unprecedented spectacle.

The party to bid goodbye to 2010 begins with large television panels around the tower beaming in New Year’s Eve celebrations from around the world, followed by a sound and light show set to world music at the Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing fountain. A countdown will then be displayed on large television panels before a show of lasers, fireworks and lights illuminates the tower.
Celebrations are set to continue well into the early hours of the morning, with The Dubai Fountain performing continuously to a range of music. And party lovers can then head to At The Top, the world’s highest outdoor observation deck.

The event is open to the public, with free entry to the Burj Park, an island overlooking Burj Khalifa, and set on the Burj Lake. The show can also be viewed from the Waterfront Promenade lining the adjacent Dubai Mall.

Renewal De-centralised

The Govt of UAE have decantralised the motor vehicle registration renewal and D/L renewal. means if you have a driver’s licence and a vehicle is registered in your name, you may renew it from any where in UAE. However you will need a copy of passport and valid residence visa to that effect.

Jan 2011 the next month, car owners and holders of driving licences issued in any emirate will be able to get services at the Abu Dhabi / Ajman / Dubai / Fujiarah / Ras-al Khaimeh / Sharjah / Umm-ul Quwain licensing department without the need to be referred to the original source of their licenses.”

It is a landmark step the UAE Govt has taken, easing pressure at renewal points and giving public a breathing space.

Thank you GOVT

Alarm – for Private sector in 2011

UAE is oversupplied with talent which can be hired cheaply compared with the heydays of 2007/08. In 2011, The private sector reducing salaries and perks is widely whispered. As they believe that they can still hire people cheaply and that there is no problem in the supply of people. Existing staff still employed can expect a reduction in salary to be discussed in 2011 along with a reduction in quality of benefits, such as cheaper healthcare, cheaper flights cutting on perks & extra benefits.

If a company feels comfortable with revenues and their sustainability, then senior executives are going to receive an increase, either in the basic salary or in some of the allowances offered. Senior executives know from the beginning that they are not simple employees, waiting for a salary increase, but they contribute in making this happen.

The international markets are not solid yet, so all companies are very cautious as per the increase of their expenses (including expenses in human capital). Companies will be making rational decisions for their expenses and will avoid the huge remunerations of the past that were not really paying back in productivity and profitability. This is indeed a way that most companies will choose for their operations in the next year(s) , considering the current global economic scenario, hikes may not be expected.

National day today

The late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s determination, wisdom and other leadership qualities were highlighted in a lecture marking the 39th National Day.

Shaikh Zayed has multiple distinguished leadership qualities, and these include his leadership of the Eastern Region — mainly Al Ain, his participation in setting up the Oman Coast Army, which later became the nucleus of the UAE army and his political stance in the critical years leading to the federation of 7 gulf states as UAE.

The UAE has achieved economic prosperity for its citizens, and has also strengthened its position on the global economic map while the economy has remained strong despite the financial crisis that engulfed the world during the second half of the year 2008.

General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, said December 2 will remain live on the memory of the UAE people for ever.

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