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The article I read over the internet has inspired me to reproduce the same for Dubai Metblogs.

I feel pain and ashamed of how the food is wasted in UAE. Serving size in UAE outsize what is served in US at the known food outlets. Wastage is equally enormous,

Please read below., and try best not to over-order or waste the food. educate the children to share & finish before over-ordering and leaving a portion untouched.


*Germany is a highly industrialized country. It produces top brands like
Benz, BMW, Siemens etc. The nuclear reactor pump is made in a small town in
this country.
In such a country, many will think its people lead a luxurious life. At
least that was my impression before my study trip.

When I arrived at Hamburg , my colleagues who work in Hamburg arranged a
welcome party for me in a restaurant. As we walked into the restaurant, we
noticed that a lot of tables were empty. There was a table where a young
couple was having their meal. There were only two dishes and two cans of
beer on the table. I wondered if such simple meal could be romantic, and
whether the girl will leave this stingy guy.

There were a few old ladies on another table. When a dish is served, the
waiter would distribute the food for them, and they would finish every bit
of the food on their plates.

We did not pay much attention to them, as we were looking forward to the
dishes we ordered. As we were hungry, our local colleague ordered more food
for us.

As the restaurant was quiet, the food came quite fast. Since there were
other activities arranged for us, we did not spend much time dining. When we
left, there was still about one third of unconsumed food on the table.

When we were leaving the restaurant, we heard someone calling us. We noticed
the old ladies in the restaurant were talking about us to the restaurant
owner. When they spoke to us in English, we understood
that they were unhappy about us wasting so much food. We immediately felt
that they were really being too busybody.** *

*”We paid for our food, it is none of your business how much food we left
behind,” my colleague Gui told the old ladies.

The old ladies were furious. One of them immediately took her hand phone out
and made a call to someone. After a while, a man in uniform claimed to be an
officer from the Social Security organisation arrived. Upon knowing what
the dispute was, he issued us a 50 Euro fine. We all kept quiet. The local
colleague took out a 50 Euro note and repeatedly apologized to the officer.

The officer told us in a stern voice, *


Our face turned red. We all agreed with him in our hearts. The mindset of
people of this rich country put all of us to shame. WE REALLY NEED TO
REFLECT ON THIS. We are from country which is not very rich in resources.
To save face, we order large quantity and also waste food when we give

My colleague photostatted the fine ticket and gave a copy to each of us as a
souvenir. All of us kept it and pasted on our wall to remind us that we
shall never be wasteful. *

warning from India to NRIs

Non-resident Indians (NRIs) have been warned that they will have their bank account in India frozen if they fail to update their personal details with their bank.

“As per RBI [Reserve Bank of India] guidelines, banks are required to periodically update customer identification documents, including photographs. Therefore, we request you to complete and submit the know your customer [KYC] documents listed below along with a duly filled customer update form.”

An NRI has to submit his current passport and visa copy, address proof (Indian or overseas address, whichever is available), a recent passport-sized photograph along with the customer update form.

The bank adds: “The above documents need to be submitted within 30 days of date of this intimation. The bank reserves the option to freeze the account in case of non-submission of the said documents.”

An individual, who works as a manger in a real estate company, told “I have two NRE accounts. Yesterday I got this email and fortunately I opened to read it… they have asked me to update my details and failure could result in bank freezing my account.”

Cut off line for submission is April 30 2011

NO Raise in 2011 Q1

Barring a few niche sectors and positions in particular, employees in the UAE did not see any pay hikes coming their way in the first quarter of this year, say HR and recruitment experts.

“There are no major salary increases in the market. On the contrary, the cost of housing is still falling, so this cost does not affect negatively the remunerations of the executives. Increases are mostly based on individual or company performance, or the rarity of the expertise of the individual,” Konstantina Sakellariou, Partner, Marketing & Operations Director at Stanton Chase.

According to experts, it’s still an employers’ market where remunerations are being negotiated hard and pay hikes are hard to come by.

Easy availability of employees will keep the salaries depressed in the market. “I can only see the private sector reducing salaries as they believe that they can still hire people cheaply and that there is no problem in the supply of people. Existing staff still employed can expect a reduction in salary to be discussed in 2011 along with a reduction in quality of benefits , such as cheaper healthcare , cheaper flights etc .We expect bonus levels to drop as well.,” said Matthew Carter, Managing Director at McArthur Murray.

Boys Group from UAE to brave Arctic chill

Dubai: Four boys (2 are Twin sons to businessman Salman Chauhdry) are all set to brave the freezing arctic weather to help raise funds for destitute workers.

Snowshoeing across a 120km stretch of icy wilderness over eight days, in temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees, they will put their endurance skills to test to reach one goal — raising Dh500,000 for charity.

The boys, Hamza Chaudhry, Mustafa Chaudhry, Ben Polletti and Mansour Mekan — pupils of the American school of Dubai — will embark on their expedition during their spring break in three weeks.

The money they raise will be donated to Adopt a Camp — a charity run by Dubai-based resident Saher Shaikh — which aims to raise funds for desperately needed supplies for thousands of workers who have been abandoned by bankrupt construction companies. –

News report in Gulf News at link below


Healtcare – Childbirth in UAE

The cost of a normal delivery has gone up to Dh 5,000 from Dh 2,500. A caesarean's cost has doubled to Dh 8000 from Dh 4,000.

Child birth charges will soon go up 100 per cent at all Ministry of Health affiliated hospitals if you do not have a health card, according to a circular issued by the Ministry.

The cost of a normal delivery has gone up to Dh 5,000 from Dh 2,500. A caesarean’s cost has doubled to Dh 8000 from Dh 4,000.

An official in the Ministry, who did not wish to named, said it was due to a rise in operational costs and price of medical equipment and items.

He also stressed that the new prices are still lower compared to those of private hospitals or the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) affiliated hospitals

Earlier, this year hospitals affiliated with the DHA increased the price of child delivery by 250 per cent. Natural birth costs rose to Dh 7000 from Dh 2,000, while caesareans increased from Dh 3,000 to Dh 9,000.

The cost of child delivery charges in private hospitals on an average costs Dh 8,500 in an one bedroom suite. A caesarean costs Dh 17,000 in a one-bedroom suite for a four-day stay.

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