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EID SAEED – EID MUBARAK – एइदी मुबारक

Protest Walk dispersed Indian organizers arrested

An incident of Protest Organizing VIA FACEBOOK took place in Dubai last night.i.e Sunday Aug 21 2011

Five of the Indian expat organizers managed to gather people from Indian expat community in support of Mr. Anna Hazare at Al Mamzar Beach Park. It was all managed by the 5 people using Facebook & via BlackBerry Text messaging over the network. People fed-up of political atrocities & bureaucratic corruption in India came out & gathered in the Al Mamzar Beach Park, March started at 8.30 PM Local time. Intercepted & Dispersed by Dubai police after a kilometer.

Police arrested 5 of the organizers and referred to public prosecution. Rest of the crowd was advised to disperse & go home since such activities without permission are Illegally & not-allowed in UAE.

It is evident that the organizers are aware of the law but willingly tried defying it to express solidarity with their leader back in India.

Sorry GUYS, respect the law or face the consequences.

Ramadan 19th Death Anniversary of Father of Nation

Father of Nation 1918 - 2004

7 years ago Ramadan 19th ( Nov 02 2004 ) Father of Nation Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan departed on journey of eternal peace.

UAE Govt this year have decided to Mark death anniversary of Father of Nation on Ramadan 19 this year onwards.

He was the Arab world’s longest-serving president and played a leading role as the Ruler of Abu Dhabi for half a century since 1966 and as president of the UAE for more than three decades. He put the UAE on the world map. His astute statesmanship and negotiation skills won him popularity among Arab and world leaders.

Living in Palm Oceana Bath at Mall, or Bath at Beach

It was 5 days before the developer knew it and 4 days before the Property managers moved their lazy being to get-it-fixed the damage to a water pipeline.

Residents at Palm Jumeriah Seven building complex Oceana suffered high & dry water-less for 4 days. The property manager instead of getting work done on war-footing & urgency due to Holy Month of Ramadan, offered Hotel accomodation at a PRICE. Ironic isn’t it, we cannot supply water to your home so you move out and stay at hotel pay for it while we TRY to fix the problem.

No wonder if DEWA jursidiction seize to exist on the free-hold Palm properties. Property managers take residents for granted to suffer with their attrocities & violation of basic human rights.

Economical shock ………….again????

US rating dropping from AAA to AA+ is about to show impact on GCC economy. The stock markets are visibily shaken The GCC currencies are pegged to the US Dollar and a double DIP is at Horizon end Q3 2011 and will continue till end Q1 2012.

The GCC currencies will depreciate and will be a while before the coma is over.

Be Ready for Hefty Fines

Dahi Khalfan Tamim – The most vocal member in the UAE ruling elite and the Chief of Dubai Police paid AED 3000 for traffic fines. Not all offences committed by him, but cars in his department.

“I am committed to paying all fines registered against my cars like any one else…police men should not be exempted from paying because they ought to be an example for others,” Khalfan said.

He said other persons drive all his cars but added this does not mean he should not pay fines for any traffic offence.

While the car of Lt colonel Saif Al Mazroui was impounded for jumping the red light.

These people are setting an example so beware no wasta waseela will work in case you are under any traffic violation.

Ramadan Kareem 1432

Ramadan Kareem

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced the working hours for all DHA hospitals, DHA administration and primary health centres and medical fitness centres during Ramadan.

The working hours during Ramadan for the DHA administration is from 9am to 2pm from Sunday to Thursday.

Hospitals and health centres will work in shifts and medical practitioners will be on call to ensure work continues at all times. In terms of hospitals, the Al Wasl Hospital outpatient clinic will be open Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 2pm.

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