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Mabrouk HRH Shaikh Mohammed & Princess Haya

a baby boy Zayed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is born on Jan 07 2012, to Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and his wife Princess Haya bint Al Hussein Daughter of (late) King Hussein of Jordan have been blessed with a baby boy.

Allah Bless the Royal Baby Zayed & the Royal Parents.

Happy New Year

Peace Prosperity & Tranquality Shall Prevail in the Region in 2012 and ever

Expats Shall focus on saving more this year onwards, loan sharks & credit card companies have no mercy

National Day – 40 years Spirit of Union Dec 2 1971 – Dec 2 2011

Father of nation (late) Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al’Nahyan managed to bring the 7 emirates of arabian gulf together this day in 1971. His Vision & wisdom transpired through out the region. 40 years later UAE is trade, social & economical hub of diversified nationalities. Peace Prosperity & Religious harmony prevails



another economic melt down on horizon

The Gulf economies must guard against potential consequences of the latest round of economic challenges faced by Europe and the United States, a top banker said.

The Beirut-based Union of Arab Banks (UAB), which groups 470 Arab banks, said many regional nations are already suffering from high debt, slow growth, lower government revenue and a slowdown in capital flow into the region.

Union of 7 shaikhdoms in UAE are suffering from high public debt because of excessive borrowing to fund local projects and support their budgets and balances of payments.

It put the debt in the UAE at 21 per cent of GDP at the end of 2010 and expected it to fall back to 16.3 per cent in 2011 and 14.5 per cent in 2012.

coming up is a dry spell for UAE if the economic situation in europe continue for another fortnight

with a local product oil

prices going up by 30% within a quarter everyone is feeling the crunch. Lifestyle are crumbling and expats suffering most. The salary bracket difference between local & expat is huge as huge as 100% and the EXPAT standing in UAE is but ‘luxurious’ slavery with zero rights as human.

Lending banks are vultures as soon as they loose a job and fail to pay the loan they either end up in jail or commit a sucide. There is no 3rd choice for EXPATS in UAE.

elections in UAE

saturday saw the FNC elections in UAE –

The Federal National Council elections were held across all seven emirates in one day, at the 13 full-fledged centres equipped for voters to cast their vote. The voting centres were designed according to the latest standards required for such large-scale events, making the voting process quick and convenient for voters


Debt causes Death

Businessman had unpaid fines and bank case; Suffocated child in despair, then he and wife hung themselves –

Based in RAK – UAE Anil & Sareeja from India with an 8 year old child Anishree, took the most unfortunate step out of stress & financial suffocation.

The Businessman Anil was in transport business with trucks leased from banks. As the Platinum period of UAE come to an end in 2007 businesses related to construction & logistics movement came to an snails pace. 1st forcing the small entrepreneurs out of league then the mediocres and come halt to the Fleet owners.

Story of Anil is from the 1st category of an struggling hardworking entrepreneur who at the crux of his decision was driving truck 24/7 by himself to keep ends intact.

The Financial Vultures hawking the debt ridden Anil ensured that he does not miss what according to LAW is a mandatory obligation – Installment payment.

Anil is not the only one, the newspapers across UAE have reported multiple sucide cases in past 24 months. All related to debt ridden individuals.

The Govt of UAE Central Bank shall step-in between the Dead Business debtors & banks, to devise a re-payment plan. Freezing of Debt amount shall be done once the agreement is made between the banks & the debtor.

Saving human lives is most important then hawking a person to commit a sucide.


Protest Walk dispersed Indian organizers arrested

An incident of Protest Organizing VIA FACEBOOK took place in Dubai last night.i.e Sunday Aug 21 2011

Five of the Indian expat organizers managed to gather people from Indian expat community in support of Mr. Anna Hazare at Al Mamzar Beach Park. It was all managed by the 5 people using Facebook & via BlackBerry Text messaging over the network. People fed-up of political atrocities & bureaucratic corruption in India came out & gathered in the Al Mamzar Beach Park, March started at 8.30 PM Local time. Intercepted & Dispersed by Dubai police after a kilometer.

Police arrested 5 of the organizers and referred to public prosecution. Rest of the crowd was advised to disperse & go home since such activities without permission are Illegally & not-allowed in UAE.

It is evident that the organizers are aware of the law but willingly tried defying it to express solidarity with their leader back in India.

Sorry GUYS, respect the law or face the consequences.

Living in Palm Oceana Bath at Mall, or Bath at Beach

It was 5 days before the developer knew it and 4 days before the Property managers moved their lazy being to get-it-fixed the damage to a water pipeline.

Residents at Palm Jumeriah Seven building complex Oceana suffered high & dry water-less for 4 days. The property manager instead of getting work done on war-footing & urgency due to Holy Month of Ramadan, offered Hotel accomodation at a PRICE. Ironic isn’t it, we cannot supply water to your home so you move out and stay at hotel pay for it while we TRY to fix the problem.

No wonder if DEWA jursidiction seize to exist on the free-hold Palm properties. Property managers take residents for granted to suffer with their attrocities & violation of basic human rights.

Economical shock ………….again????

US rating dropping from AAA to AA+ is about to show impact on GCC economy. The stock markets are visibily shaken The GCC currencies are pegged to the US Dollar and a double DIP is at Horizon end Q3 2011 and will continue till end Q1 2012.

The GCC currencies will depreciate and will be a while before the coma is over.

Fuel Alert

It may be ENOC, EPCO, EMIRATE under stress and losses, Fuel prices are likely to be Doubled if not trippled. from 6.80 / gallon to 18.50 / gallon

Eppco and Enoc have submitted reports to the Ministry of Finance and Industry recommending lifting the fuel price cap and letting the market decide what is a fair rate for fuel in the UAE.

The two companies say that the cap on prices is leading to massive losses due to rising crude oil prices on world markets

Lifting the ban may result in a tripling of the price of petrol, from around Dh6.80 per gallon to around Dh18.50

on the other hand,

Sources in the oil sector said that the UAE Government is moving to cancel licences owned by Eppco and Enoc in the northern emirates and allow the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) to take over the running of the service stations.

They added that Adnoc has shown a high degree of interest in the matter and it will manage and run all the stations previously run by both companies.


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