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No outdoor work in UAE from 12:30-15:00

June 15 to Sept 15 a work ban during the hottest hours of the day are enforced. Only to ensure the safety of outdoor workers many of whom had suffered from exhaustion before the ban was enforced years ago.

All GCC nations also began implementing the summer work ban following persistent heat and sunstroke cases among outdoor workers and growing global concerns about the expatriate workers’ human rights.

Slump in Dubai property sector AGAIN

The head of an Abu Dhabi real estate firm backed by the Mubadala Group has predicted Dubai’s property sector will hit another slump in 18 to 24 months, saying the change was inevitable in an emerging market.

HERE is detail

Surfing in Aabaya

The dress code for women in Islam & the Gulf region GCC is quiet modest & these brave women are comfortable and enjoying the life

read here

Train in UAE by 2018

Etihad Rail is evaluating bids to connect key cities and industrial hubs in the country and link them to the Saudi border as part of the most important phase of the UAE’s multibillion dollar railway project.

With the first phase of the project under way, the government-owned Etihad Rail has turned its attention to the key 628km of rail lines that will connect Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain, and run to Ghweifat on the border.

The first phase of the project connects the Shah oil and gas field with the port of Ruwais. The railway will transport sulphur from the Shah sour gas project that will begin operating next year. Etihad Rail expects the 264km of rail to be operational before the year is out.

The second phase will extend the section that is running along the coast on both sides, linking the main cities to the border with Saudi Arabia.

Phase two is divided into several packages for the various stretches of rail, as well as the supporting infrastructure. “Tenders for the second phase have been submitted,” said Richard Barrett, chief executive for the Middle East at Atkins, the engineering firm responsible for the concept design for the project.

Etihad Rail’s third phase will run to the Omani border, as well as connecting the oil and gas logistics hub of Fujairah with the rest of the country.

Once all three stages have been completed by 2018, in a construction process estimated to cost Dh40 billion, the UAE will be covered by about 1,200km of track, and the network is expected to boost the economy by facilitating the movement of goods and people.

The UAE’s industrial hubs of Jebel Ali, Mussafah, Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone in Taweelah and Fujairah port outside the Strait of Hormuz will all be connected by Etihad Rail, a joint venture between Abu Dhabi and the federal government. Through its connection to the rest of the GCC, the UAE will be able to build up its position as a regional trade and logistics hub.

So far, Saudi Arabia is the only GCC state with a rail network. More than 1,300km of track connects Riyadh with the kingdom’s main oil-producing region on the Gulf coast and provides transportation for industry and the military.

Saudi Arabia’s Rail Master Plan envisages the construction of a further 5,500km of track by 2025 and includes a line to connect the UAE with Qatar and Kuwait, as well as one that would link up the Gulf and the Red Sea.

Tips to sleep well during summer nights

We end up having sleepless nights when the temperature mercilessly goes up. If keeping windows open for fresh air is one way to get good sleep, there are more you can do to sleep like a baby. a website has shared advice given by the Sleep Council on how to get perfect night’s sleep during summer season.

To keep the room cool during night, start from daytime by keeping curtains drawn.
Use cotton sheets instead of blankets.
Wear light cotton nightwear to absorb perspiration.
Take bath with cold water before bedtime to lower your body temperature.
Also drink cold water during evening and keep a bottle of water near your bed.
Stay away from heavy meal, caffeine, as these can make you feel hot in the middle of the night due to dehydration or over-active digestion.

To get relief from heat, you can put a tray of ice and water in front of the fan which will further cool the air.

EIDAL ADHA Today – Nov 16 2010

Festive day & Holidays have started, and Dubai Metro has extended its operating hours to cater to increased demand during Eid holidays. From Monday to November 20 (Saturday) Metro will operate from 6am until 1am.

However, trains on November 19 will operate from 1pm to 1am,

Similarly, all major bus stations will remain open from 5am to midnight during the Eid holidays and vehicle parking in the paid zones will also be free from November 15 to 19.

The trains will halt at each station for about 20 seconds and the frequency of the trains will be every eight minutes from 6am to 4pm and every six minutes after 4pm until late night which is the peak time.

A maximum of 22 trains will serve passengers during the holidays.

The RTA official warned commuters to abide by the rules of safety and security in the Metro stations and on board the trains and buses as these regulations have been adopted for the safety of everyone.

While the rain & beautiful weather is prevailing across northern emirates people are advise to exercise caution while on roads.

Nature Call

It started on Friday, continued till Saturday. Saturday & Sunday was a HAVOC for those who dare to drive between Dubai & Sharjah

The Dubai Police’s Operations Room reported 170 road accidents during the first hours of the heavy rains that lashed the country on Saturday night.

Colonel Omar Al Shamsi, Director of
Dubai Police’s Command and Control Room, said there were 21 serious road accidents, 16 moderate accidents and 133 minor accidents. Colonel Al Shamsi said the control room also received 3,415 phone calls for help.

It will be a while before conditions return to normalcy.

Rain A Blessing or Menace

Over the weekend the UAE faced rains some parts received drizzle, weather is at best, but the road conditions are disastrous. Abu Dhabi is worst HIT, so does Dubai. 909 accidents were reported, including 50 from cars that skidded or flipped over Atleast nine people are reported dead and 17 injured on wet roads in UAE.
Extreme Caution is to be practiced by the motorists to drive safely, reduce speed and maintain safe distances from the cars ahead of them during the wet weather

Rain Rain Go Away…..

Though rains and the weather around them is always pleasant and a nice change from the usual ‘sunny side’ of Dubai, too much of something is bad enough, as they say.

Its been raining pretty hard since the past couple of days and now has come to a point of being a pain for the general public.

The met office predicts a record breaking monsoon season that will surpass the highest recorded over the years of 81.9 mm in January.

I’m getting a lot of pictures from people in different areas, telling their tales of battling for a ‘business as usual’, and so must the readers, but Gulf News summarizes them best here.

Let’s all enjoy the best of what the weather has to offer!

Hot water from the cold tap.

We’re moving into summer now and the weather is starting to reach uncomfortable levels. Daytime we’re getting a degree or two either side of 40C (104F) in the shade and nightime down to around 30C (86F). That’s OK but we get high humidity with it, the ‘discomfort factor’, and that’s staring to build too. We had 90% a couple of days ago and that’s really uncomfortable.

Air conditioners are being used much more than a few weeks ago but we save electricity another way…we don’t need to fire-up the water heaters. All you have to do is run the cold tap/faucet until the water in the pipes within the building has run off. As the water from pipes outside, underground, reaches the tap/faucet it comes out hot enough to shower comfortably.

It still seems wierd to me – I’m used to running off cold water until the warm comes through but it’s difficult to adjust to it being the other way around!

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